Sec. Blinken Decides Now's the Right Time to Cosplay About Terrorism

(AP Photo/Lee Jin-man, File)

On Saturday, in honor of “those we have lost to terrorism, at home and abroad,” our nation’s top diplomat, Secretary of State Antony Blinken threw this message out on the Twitters for the world to point and laugh at.


On this International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the #VictimsofTerrorism, we honor those we have lost to terrorism, at home and abroad. The United States stands resolute in our commitment to holding terrorists to account.

Forgive me for using language like this, readers, but who the f**k do you think you’re kidding with this, Antony? The president you work for can barely put on his own pants in the morning, and is in the middle of an existential crisis of his own, pardon the expression, while straining to uphold the part of his pledge to us back in January 2020 to “protect and defend” the U.S. homeland.

Earlier, my colleague Streiff shared his thoughts on the ongoing roil within the Biden White House and with their buddies at Foggy Bottom on who exactly dropped the ball on the Afghanistan retreat.

I’ll point you to another recent piece of his that is also illustrative of the reality we find ourselves in — instead of the hashtag diplomacy, Cosplay fantasy world people like Blinken apparently feel comfortable living in.

Streiff had this about several others on Team Biden, including Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs chair Mark Milley on Wednesday giving loopy, incoherent answers to the American people about the security situation in Kabul (specifically, the quickly deteriorating scene at the Hamid Karzi International Airport, which RedState has reported on several times today).


Now, on a day that began with questions about where exactly President Pudding was, we’re treated to the secretary of state playing pattycake on social media, as American citizens and Afghan allies desperately try to escape the clutches of actual terrorists at the Kabul airport.

I have a question, too: why do we need a made-up day to remember the victims of terrorism anyway? There’s a perfectly good day to do that and it’s called September 11. But that would be an inconvenient and icky reminder to the Biden people (who were Obama and Hillary people, you know) about their past failings when it comes to radical Islamic terrorists and Americans “at home and abroad.”

As far as this White House goes, there are no adults in the room. That much is clear. But, could Sec. Blinken at least take off the clown shoes long enough to stop embarrassing us around the world? It’s a novel concept for any Democrat to grasp, obviously, and it’s unlikely Kamala could manage it. But we’re rooting for you, Antony.


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