Horrific Reason Americans Are Now Being Told Not to Come to the Kabul Airport

Yesterday, Joe Biden claimed that Americans were having no difficulty getting to the airport in Kabul to be evacuated.

That, of course, has been rebutted by all kinds of reports to the contrary.


But this morning, that reality hit Joe Biden in the face – the State Department is now warning Americans not to come to the airport because it isn’t safe, no matter what Joe Biden says. Translation: Joe Biden has no idea what is going on.

Now, there’s word that might explain why the State Department may be telling Americans that, beyond what the horrible conditions that we already knew about.

People are getting shot outside the airport.

On top of that, other people are dying because of the crush there.

According to Sky News in the following video, thousands are flooding into the area by the airport. Reports are there have been stampedes, and people are being crushed to death. Taliban are also whipping people.

The reporter in the video, Stuart Ramsay, describes hardened combat soldiers saying it’s “utterly horrendous” and the “worst thing they have ever seen in their entire careers in the military.” Ramsay calls today the worst, by far. It’s very, very dangerous, with a constant call for medics for the people being taken out and worked on by doctors, he says.


Not only are they being crushed, but it’s also incredibly hot, so the military are hosing the people down at the front of the line where the crush is the worst. This is a madhouse.

An Afghan interpreter for the U.S. confirmed that report.

Mohammad Naim has been at the airport with his family for four days, waiting for his chance to catch a flight out of Kabul. He told the Associated Press he put his children on the roof of a car on his first day there so they wouldn’t be crushed by the crowd. But he saw other children killed by the mob because they were unable to get out of the way.

“It is a very, very crazy situation right now,” Naim said.

All this death and madness was completely avoidable, if we just had a competent man in the White House. Unfortunately, it’s likely to still get worse.


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