Twitter Has Kicked Erick Erickson off... for Being 'Pro-Science'

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As RedState has previously reported, there’s an ongoing effort by Big Tech in fealty to their allies in the Democrat Party to purposely muzzle voices that differ from their own, especially when those voices happen to reside on the Right.


Now, there’s news this afternoon that only underlines that concerted effort. Erick Erickson, one of the earliest contributors of this publication and who served as editor in chief for a decade, currently the host of “The Erick Erickson Show,” has been locked out of his Twitter account for sharing what appears to be an innocuous tweet to his almost 200,000 followers.

The site’s 12-hour suspension, according to a message that appears to be from site admin, was ‘triggered’ by a tweet the pundit made on Friday evening. With this type of freeze on an account, Erickson is not allowed to access most meaningful features including, as the message notes: “No Tweets, Retweets, Fleets, follows, or likes,” but still allowing DMs to account followers and the ability to view Tweets. How very gracious of them, huh?

As Erickson’s tweet was removed from viewing by the capricious ‘Twitmo’ move, here’s a tweet sharing a screenshot:

Caleb Hull notes that the tweet itself is simply sharing a ‘pro-science’ sentiment.



Curiously, the above tweet was also temporarily “unavailable” while this piece was being written. Here’s a screenshot of it, on the off-chance that “accidentally” happens after publication.

Credit: Screenshot, via @CalebHull/Twitter

Facts are a tough thing, though. Lauren Hubbard, as my colleagues have noted, chose not to compete on the international level against men — not for the past 20 years. That’s fact, not opinion. And it’s certainly not hate speech. And when Americans were polled recently by Rasmussen about whether someone like Hubbard should compete against women, only one in four thought that would make sense. Yet, Erickson is not allowed to concur, according to Big Tech.

It’s a wonder that any conservative or libertarian trusts social media companies at this point to play fair.


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