Jen Rubin Has Some 'Splaining to Do Over Her Embarrassing, 2020 Praise of Cuomo

Jen Rubin Has Some 'Splaining to Do Over Her Embarrassing, 2020 Praise of Cuomo
Kevin P. Coughlin/ Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo via AP

It’s just not Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubin’s day.

First, @JRubinBlogger, as she’s known on the Twitters, got a case of the sads about Ben Sasse voting against Biden attorney general pick Merrick Garland’s nomination getting a hearing on the Senate floor for a vote, as I wrote earlier on Monday

Now, freelance commentator Drew Holden has included her in an embarrassing expose of tweets by all of the blatant apologists for NY Governor Andrew Cuomo over his beyond-inept handling of the China virus pandemic, in which his state’s most vulnerable citizens were treated shabbily.

In a massive thread, Holden wrote today, in part:

“It’s good to see folks recognize his failure. But apologies are in order from those who built him into a pandemic hero while he played a villain….”

RedState has covered the very late-in-the-game reporting by mainstream outlets on Cuomo’s COVID-19, extended care facilities mismanagement, which has been stunning in its lack of self-reflection.

Drew’s thread contains a list of what he calls the “top 10 culprits,” which includes familiar names like self-described “activist, feminist, author” Amy Siskind; the one-two punch of celebrity Chelsea Handler and Molly Jong-Fast of the Daily Beast in the pages of Vogue magazine; Joy Reid; and Neera Tanden, whose controversies RedState wrote about over the weekend.

Obviously, Drew deserves massive kudos for combing through all those tweets, so we didn’t have to. And one of the top offenders whose tweets haven’t aged well, as he points out, is our old friend Jen Rubin:

My favorite one, though, was another gem of a tweet Jen sent on Twitter:

“Watching Andrew Cuomo is inspiring, uplifting, fascinating. He weaves details and humor and math and common sense all together. He is magnificent. Let’s just listen to him.”

The hypocrisy couldn’t be more glaring. While the left’s media allies were busy running around, heaping praise on Cuomo, no one was left to watch the store — including doing the research on what turns out was no secret among Democrats: Cuomo’s alleged “creepy” behavior against women. And, as Bonchie reported in the past hour, now a third accuser has stepped forward.

Back to Jen Rubin. My colleague Sister Toldjah wrote about that time Jen drooled over Democrat Reps. Adam Schiff’s and Jerry Nadler’s presentations at the first Trump impeachment hearing way back in January of 2020. (read: “Failure Theater: Jen Rubin Schooled After Drooling Over the ‘Brilliant’ Adam Schiff’s ‘Legal Presentation'”)

Sister Toldjah wrote:

On Wednesday as Schiff was speaking on the Senate floor, Rubin could barely contain her glee. In a tweet that New York Times columnist Paul Krugman would be proud of, she spoke of how “brilliant” Schiff’s legal presentation was. “I am in awe….”

And about Nadler, Jen “was giddy with excitement,” calling the House Judiciary chair’s case against Pres. Trump “awesome and fascinating.”

Figures. When the legacy media is (I’m not making this up!) busy patting themselves on the back for “breaking” the Cuomo nursing home story, to paraphrase “Ghostbusters,” we know their minds have basically gone “bye-bye.”

h/t: Drew Holden

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