Lisa Murkowski Gets Surprised With an Old Neera Tanden Insult, and It's Absolutely Hilarious

Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post via AP, Pool

Neera Tanden, noted conspiracy theorist and rabid left-wing partisan, is currently watching her chances of becoming the head of the Office of Management and Budget burn to the ground. That’s come courtesy of her old tweets, many of which targeted the very Senators she now needs to vote in her favor.


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Over the past few days, Tanden has lost the support of Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and other Republicans who might have been swing votes. She’s also lost Democrat Joe Manchin, who has pledged to vote against her. That means she has only one path to confirmation – Sen. Lisa Murkowksi.

Murkowski, being the absolutely useless Republican that she is (even managing to vote against Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation), has yet to give an indication of which way she’ll vote. On that front, reporter Seung Min Kim decided to throw a new variable into the mix. While talking to Murkowski in the halls of the Capitol, she pulled out her phone and surprised the Alaska senator with one of Tanden’s old tweets.

But what made this real time revelation so funny was that it targeted Murkowski directly.

If Murkowski had any backbone at all, this would sink Tanden’s nomination for good. There is absolutely no reason for any member of the GOP to be voting for this partisan conspiracy theorist. Even if she hadn’t spent the last four years sending mean tweets, there’d be no justification for letting her head the OMB. She’s covered up sexual harassment claims, physically assaulted a reporter, and her work as a Democrat fundraiser hardly makes her qualified.


Yet, Murkowski is requesting a meeting with Tanden instead of laughing at her prospects after seeing the direct slap in the face from 2017. That says to me that she’s thinking about saving the nomination, which would be an absolute joke. Again, this is a Republican senator who couldn’t even bring themselves to vote for Justice Barrett, but she’s going to vote for Tanden after everything she’s done?

It’s been said before, but any party worth their salt would be stripping a member of their committee assignments after such a betrayal. But perhaps Murkowski does the right thing here? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I’m not confident.



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