Neera Tanden's Twitter Army Stokes War of Words Between Maggie Haberman and Jen Rubin, and We Are Here for It

Neera Tanden's Twitter Army Stokes War of Words Between Maggie Haberman and Jen Rubin, and We Are Here for It
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We reported earlier this week about how Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) was shown a 2017 tweet Wednesday from Neera Tanden in which Tanden, who is Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the OMB, told Murkowski she was “high on your own supply” over her stance on lowering the corporate tax rate.

The Senator, who was shown the tweet by the Washington Post’s White House correspondent Seung Min Kim, appeared to be taken aback. And because Murkowski could be a deciding vote one way or the other on Tanden’s confirmation, Tanden’s Twitter army erupted in outrage and directed a barrage of insults at Ms. Kim, some of which were of a racist and sexist nature. Kim shared some of them on her Twitter feed.

After the Washington Post issued a statement defending Kim and denouncing the attacks, the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman took to the Twitter machine to rant about how “supporters of an extremely online Cabinet appointee who often attacked reporters – not just senators – feel a certain freedom here to just let it fly”:

Never Trumper Jennifer Rubin, who is a colleague of Kim’s at the Post, completely missed the point of Haberman’s post, thinking instead that Haberman was saying that because this happened all the time that it was no big deal. She responded accordingly in what came across as a desperate attempt to bond with another female reporter:

Haberman, however, wasn’t having it. She alerted Rubin to the fact that the point had whooshed right over her head (as is often the case with Rubin):

Not accustomed to being knocked down a peg by a media colleague, Rubin tried and failed to cover for herself:

It’s then that Haberman went in for the coup de grace, turning Rubin’s argument around on her and lecturing her about how she should be standing up for her co-worker at the Post instead of acting like the issue wasn’t that important:

A defensive and fauxfended Rubin snapped back by claiming she was not saying what happened to Kim was no big deal:

RedState senior editor Joe Cunningham summed up their back and forth perfectly:

In the end, Tanden did retweet the WaPo’s statement of support for Kim, but it’s unlikely to calm the choppy waters Tanden’s keyboard warriors stirred up:

Tanden is set to meet with Murkowski Monday, which should be interesting in light of the 2017 tweet that resurfaced this week. As it turns out, she may very well be the first cabinet nominee to be derailed by mean tweets.

As always, stay tuned.

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