Rep. Massie Lays Down Some "Hard Truths" About January 6

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On Tuesday morning, Representative Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), a longtime ally of President Donald Trump and his administration, took to Twitter to impart what he calls some “hard truths” to the American people, especially supporters of the president currently in high anticipation of the objection by at least 100 Republican members and like-minded senators in the House of Representatives on January 6 to the electoral college votes for last November’s presidential election.


Massie began by saying that these facts are something “few want to acknowledge publicly”:

Some hard truths that few want to acknowledge publicly:

(1) If every Republican votes to disallow every Biden elector on January 6th, Biden will still be declared the winner by Congress. This is simple math, Democrats are in the majority and will vote to keep the Biden electors.

(2) No state has sent a competing set of electors. Each state has sent only one slate of electors. No state legislature has asked Congress to reject its state’s electors.

(3) Trump’s new AG, the replacement for Bill Barr, took office on December 24th and (as far as we can tell) has done nothing to investigate this election. I don’t know him, he might be a great person and very qualified, but Trump hired him and he doesn’t seem to be investigating.


One thing that’s important to note in Massie’s statement: there’s no admonishment for GOP senators and congressmen leading the fight against potential election fraud, just facts. That’s in stark contrast to other Republicans, like Sen. Tom Cotton, or Sen. Mitt Romney, whom I wrote about taking to, of all places, CNN to rip up his own party’s members as a “danger” to democracy. Which is, obviously, ridiculous on its face.

In the same vein as Massie, another ally of Pres. Trump, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) had this to say Tuesday about the steep hill facing the completely earnest, but ultimately doomed efforts of his Conservative colleagues:

Voter fraud, whether done by individuals or corrupt government officials, is not okay. It needs to be rooted out, and the administrators and other elected officials who implicitly or explicitly allow it should be voted out. But those on our side leading the base to hope against hope that something radical will change tomorrow to usher Pres. Trump back into the White House for four more years are doing everyone a disservice.


Here’s another hard truth: People say they want politicians to tell them the truth, to be transparent, but sometimes, that truth isn’t what we want to hear. There’s also this truth, which Jon Gabriel, the editor of Ricochet, wrote in his new op-ed piece published in USA Today over the weekend titled, “We went through hell in 2020 and came out stronger. Why 2021 will be better.”

Jon wrote that “false hope is worse than steely-eyed realism.”

You can’t say it any better than that.


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