Opinion: Conservatives Don't Deserve Greg Gutfeld — or Maybe They Do

Screencap from Gutfeld


If you’re reading this, my guess is you already know the backstory on Greg Gutfeld. But if any newbies or Robert Reich accidentally click on the link, here’s a thumbnail sketch to help out: Gutfeld co-stars on Fox News Channel’s “The Five” and hosts his own, semi-serious, news panel show on Saturday nights, “The Greg Gutfeld Show.” At one time, he hosted a similar FNC show called “Red Eye,” which was during the week but stuck in a ridiculously-late time slot. But, to be fair, it featured lots of funny animal videos and a talking newspaper named Pinch. Which is fine, if you’re into that sort of thing. (And if you want to know what he did before all that stuff, read his bio. I’m not his publicist, sheesh.)


The current show features a weekly special guest, along with a rambunctious, but lovable cast of characters who regularly banter with Gutfeld — Tyrus (a former pro wrestler who was born George Murdock), National Review reporter and Fox News contributor Kat Timpf, and comedian Tom Shillue.

But something happens during the show you don’t see on the other comedy talk shows: instead of the same, rote, ironic jabs at normal Americans in fly-over country or, you know, President Trump, Gutfeld asks the panelists play the same role many guests did on comedy legend David Letterman’s series of late-night talk shows when they were invited on.

To paraphrase what comedian Norm Macdonald once said about Letterman’s subtle formula, “The audience was in on the joke, Letterman was in on the joke. You were the only one not in on the joke. You were the joke.” It’s a smart way of allowing comedy to arise naturally, and it’s why I think conservatives don’t deserve Gutfeld. He’s a seriously funny guy. And that can sometimes be brushed off by our side. Remember Andrew Breitbart said that politics is downstream from culture. That’s a deadly serious truth.

I’ll show you what I mean. Sometimes, the rants on Gutfeld’s show get kinda boisterous, like in this clip, where Kat soundly rips up AOC:


Then here, the comedy is more subtle. Gutfeld set up the joke in advance:

The pay off happens in this moment from the newest episode:

Genius. Here’s a longer clip, where you see panel member Tyrus’ reaction:


On Tuesday, Gutfeld’s new book, “The Plus: Self-Help for People Who Hate Self-Help,” was released. So, he’s been making the rounds to media outlets promoting it.

In fact, nationally-syndicated radio show host Mark Levin interviewed him on the book’s release day, Take a listen to their entire conversation at the link (forward the player to 90:06).

Gutfeld also appeared with Dave Rubin on his videocast, “The Rubin Report,” in which Gutfeld talked about not only his book, but all of the riots and mayhem going on across the country. There’s a part of the interview at the above link.


Take a listen to a brief audio clip from “The Plus: Self-Help for People Who Hate Self-Help,” available where all self-help books are sold — I hear they’re called “stores”:

You can also watch Saturday night’s full monologue below, via Fox News:

Editor’s note [3:50p.m. EDT, 8/2/20]: “Red Eye” aired on weeknights, not weekends. The content was corrected, and some content was edited for clarity after publication.


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