"50 States 50 Lawns" Guy Says He's Making a Special, 10-Hour Drive to Reward Kids This Weekend

CREDIT: Tweet from Rodney Smith, Jr.

CREDIT: Tweet from Rodney Smith, Jr.

CREDIT: Tweet from Rodney Smith, Jr.


If you haven’t met Rodney Smith, Jr. already, he’s a good man to know. A lot of people will know the 30-year-old man just from the words “50 States 50 Lawns,” because that was a challenge he made for himself, starting in the spring and summer of 2017, as CNN reported. He promised to mow a lawn in every state – for free – for someone in need: a veteran, a senior citizen, anybody needing a helping hand.
Like Ms. Durham…

Or Mr. Authur:

Then, in June 2019, my colleague Sister Toldjah reported that Rodney had just two states left — Alaska and Hawaii. And with the help of Delta Airlines providing him free flights, he crossed all fifty states off the list.

Now, Rodney also had another ambition: to get kids involved in volunteering their time to help others, too. As CNN explained:

This inspired him to start the Raising Men Lawn Care Service, a foundation that not only mows lawns for those in need but also works to inspire young men and women to make a difference.

“This is what I believe my purpose is in life,” he said.

Like he did for himself, he set a challenge for his young volunteers: to mow 50 lawns in their community. By June of 2018, the number of kids who reached that challenge was 12.

Now, in a new message to his Twitters fans, Smith Jr. has announced four more kids have recently completed the challenge…

And his car’s loaded up for a 10-hour roadtrip to deliver some special rewards to them this weekend!
He wrote:

I made a promise to every kid that completes the 50 yard challenge that I’ll deliver them a brand new mower, weed eater & blower. I’m making the 10 hour drive to Rockford & Roscoe ,IL then Genoa City,WI on Saturday .4 kids I total that completed the challenged . 3 in IL & 1 in WI

If you’re looking for a role model for the next generation, you could do a lot worse than this guy. What an inspiration!

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