David Brock's Site, Shareblue Claims White House 'Hosted The NRA' on Anniversary of Sandy Hook: It's A Lie

There’s dishonest reporting, and then there’s David Brock influenced garbage reporting. Eric Boehlert, who in a past life wrote about pro-wrestling for Salon and made his bones for the left covering the “Bush stole the election” beat for Salon as well. He went on to be a Senior Fellow (aka Senior Hack) at Media Matters. Boehlert moved on to Shareblue. New site. Same crappy writing.

Boehlert’s penchant for half-assed writing mixed with large doses of dishonesty does keep him employed. He couldn’t make it anywhere in the mainstream, so he peddles lies for a nice paycheck and pats on the head from Brock. His latest entry for Shareblue is shameless in its dishonesty. Here is the title:

Trump hosted the NRA at the White House on the anniversary of Sandy Hook massacre

Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? How could Donald Trump be so insensitive as to host an event with the NRA at the White House on the anniversary of a mass shooting? What is wrong with him, right?

Naturally, once you read past the title, you learn Boehlert is lying. It isn’t surprising. Even people like his work know it’s not all that good. He knows they won’t bother to look up details. But let’s post it here, shall we?

In a craven display of collective indifference, Trump hosted Wayne LaPierre, the controversial head of the NRA, at the White House on Thursday night, as families and friends of the elementary school gun massacre were remembering the victims of the horrific killing spree.

Remembered, Eric. Not “were remembering.”

So it’s not “the NRA.” It’s Wayne LaPierre. Eric still doesn’t say why LaPierre was at the White House. He just continues to regurgitate that it was the fifth anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting.

Whether he did it by accident or not, he embedded a tweet by gun-grabbing liar Shannon Watts who lamented the fact she didn’t rate an invite to the White House. But what was this mystery event?

Wayne LaPierre attended The White House Christmas party. 

What a horrible human being. Who the hell is Wayne LaPierre to show his face in public on the anniversary of a mass shooting? How dare he!

Good grief. The NRA had nothing at all to do with the Sandy Hook shooting, and the bill Eric whines about not passing had nothing at all to do with the crime in question. The reality is, Adam Lanza, who committed the horrible shooting was a lunatic. He was crazy. And his Mommy thought it was a good idea to give him access to firearms. She lost her life as a result and her insane son gunned down 26 people before turning the gun on himself.

The idea that Wayne LaPierre shouldn’t leave his home to attend a Christmas party is the height of stupidity. But that’s Eric Boehlert for you.

Also, he’s a liar. Tell your friends.

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