Malcolm on the Right: What Is It About China That Prevents Biden from Being President?

Charles Dharapak

A number of incidents over recent years have prompted serious concerns about Joe Biden and China.

— His failure to do anything about the Chinese spy balloon that lingered suspiciously over important military installations until its mission was completed.

— His transporting shady son Hunter with him on Air Force Two on an official vice presidential visit to China that enabled the son to seal a lucrative business deal with a company there.

— Joe Biden’s later claims he has never ever discussed Hunter’s international influence-peddling business with him despite trips and photos of both Bidens with the son’s foreign business partners.

— Most recently the Justice Department released Suspicious Activity Reports about multi-million-dollar money transfers from China to multiple members of the Biden family. The president denied that ever happened.

So, Biden’s own Justice Department is lying?

Now comes a shocking story by my RedState colleague Susie Moore detailing extensive “police stations” operating across the United States (and elsewhere) with Chinese communist agents working out of them to intimidate Chinese immigrants from ever criticizing the Beijing regime.


These blatant violations of sovereignty and free speech sparked this week’s audio commentary.

The most recent audio commentary looked inside some intriguing data released recently by the Census Bureau. Americans are a restless people. We’ve always been moving across this huge continent.

Historically, that movement has been predominantly east to west, some south to north, then Rust Belt to Sun Belt.

What’s happening now, however, is a new internal migration prompted by economics colored by politics. Americans fleeing the smothering economic rules and conditions in blue states for red states. It’s already causing political realignments in Congress with more to come.

My most recent Sunday column concerned Joe Biden’s desire to extend his White House lease four more years.

This is further proof, if any was needed, that his thinking is addled and clearly controlled by the unidentified denizens of his cloister who themselves would like four more years controlling the levers of presidential power.

An excerpt ICYMI:

There’s what anyone can see for themselves watching Biden’s gait, lost behavior, mental fog, and garbled speech in public.

But then Democrats would have to deal with the heir-apparent vice president that Biden handpicked for the identity boxes she checked. None of which included leadership, speaking skills, or intelligence. She’s so bad, she’s become Biden’s insurance against impeachment.

A lot of attention to political show biz these days as provocative and clever TV show host Tucker Carlson and his executive producer parted ways with Fox News just days after Fox canned another host, Dan Bongino.

And then, of course, the rampant speculation on why and what will happen now.

Also, a far less effective TV communicator was discontinued on CNN, which is trying to reinvent itself as a news network. An NBC executive departed for another one of those “inappropriate relationships” that struck CNN a year ago.

Celebrities in TV and show biz (I can’t tell the difference most of the time) seem to have been anointed as the faux royalty of this former British colony. I lived a long while in California where such “news” permeates media.

I must admit the tumultuous, scandalous, and I often suspect contrived comings and goings of these inordinately rich folks do not comprise much of my reading diet.

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