MOTR, Ep. 58: The Political Implications of Americans' Blue State to Red State Moving Experience

I have moved 14 times in my adult life. It can be exciting and refreshing — new places, new friends, different seasons and weather, new job, or whatever.

But it’s also an exhausting hassle. After years of knowing where almost every little thing is in your life, suddenly you have to learn everything all over again. Maybe I’m getting old. But that’s better than the alternative.

Anyway, that’s enough. I’m done with moving. Those experiences perhaps made me more sensitive to the issues in this week’s commentary.

The political market is speaking. Thousands of Americans are moving out of blatantly blue states to reliably red Republican states.

There are so many they even have their own Facebook groups, offering gripes, anecdotes, and advice on where and how to move. One ingenuous California refugee found U-Haul charging exorbitant rates for the few trailers left there.

So, he drove to Phoenix, rented a trailer there at a much lower rate, then drove it back to collect his family and goods. They moved to Arizona at a cheaper trailer rental rate with no distant drop-off charge.

These self-determined exiles from blue states are not necessarily departing for political reasons, but for economic reasons tied to politics.

They’ve decided that red states are run better, and more efficiently, and that means lower taxes, fewer regulations, more affordable housing, safer communities, and — Did I mention? — lower taxes.

We recently got a bill from the red state we moved to for our 2023 license plate tags. It was $10 total — for two cars. This isn’t California anymore, Toto.

That’s what I’m talking about here. Among other things.

And commenting on in this week’s short audio commentary.

I did an open post this week. I was so struck by the stunning hypocrisy of our addled leader. Joe Biden was caught last fall having illegally removed dozens of classified documents from their secure government places over the years, then proceeded to leave them, unguarded, strewn around numerous places, including an office he had abandoned, assorted drawers in a house he had rented out to someone without proper security clearances, and in a dusty garage there.

The renter just happened to be Biden’s son Hunter, who was running an international influence-peddling operation with his famous family name in China, Ukraine, and who knows where else. Places that were paying the younger Biden immense sums for his access to Dad and — Do you think maybe? — classified documents.

And then to highlight Joe Biden’s advanced skills in chutzpah, the other day after the latest online document leak, the president condescended to lecture the military, the all-volunteer guardians of our security, on the need to keep secrets secret.

It’s called CYA. The man has no shame. I chose to write about that here.

The latest Malcolm on the Right column examined the emerging details of the GOP presidential primary race at this ridiculously early stage. The reader response indicates the post provided some interesting insights, for which I am always grateful.

The most recent audio commentary, No. 57, also dealt with the most recent security leak. My commentary take here was a little bit off the beaten track, which is where, for better or worse, I’ve always preferred to be during my six decades of writing news.

I hope you enjoyed it and, as always, I encourage VIP readers to leave their thoughts in the Comments section below. Even if you don’t feel like leaving a Comment, you can check the Thumbs Up or Down box on the others. I have issued an official ruling that’s a form of comment too, just a sly one.

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