MOTR, Ep. 40: A Strange Thing Is Going On With Trump's 2024 Campaign

What a change we’ve had in the length of our presidential campaigns! TV ad salesmen sure don’t mind.

John F. Kennedy announced his successful White House campaign on Jan. 3 of the 1960 election year. It’s been seriously sliding back in recent cycles — Barack Obama, 21 months out. Elizabeth Warren, 23.

Donald Trump’s announcement of his presidential campaign is the earliest ever — 25 months out from the 2024 election date.

That’s a very long time to be attacked, especially when you’re already rather well-known.

I explored the reasons for this early start in the latest column, Donald Trump’s in the 2024 Race, But Is He There to Win? Or Just Hear Cheers?”

But there’s something else weird about this campaign of his. And it’s quite revealing about the state of our politics and today’s Republican Party.

That’s what I explore in this week’s brief audio commentary:

Last week’s audio commentary contained some rare praise for Joe Biden. Every day the 80-year-old sets a new record for the oldest president ever in American history.

Watching him in “action,” that’s not always a good thing.

And Vice President What’s Her-Name isn’t much better, especially when she speaks in public.

Speaking of Joe Biden and 2024, this column explored his outlook, Forget Reelection, Can Joe Biden Even Make It to 2024?

My grandfather had sudden outbursts of anger as he sank into dementia. Minutes later, he had no memory of the episode. Now, Joe Biden is too, especially when the subject of his advanced age comes up — even when he himself brings it up.

This new Joe Biden festival of fail was creepy. Or this incident.

In another political move that could be revealing of Ron DeSantis’ 2024 strategy, the Florida governor is looking into the Covid vaccine business.

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