MOTR Ep. 33: Our DC Leaders Are Too Old, I Said THEY'RE TOO OLD

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Nancy Pelosi went to another one of those Capitol Hill photo stunts that members of Congress stage when they don’t want to work that afternoon. It involved kneeling for several minutes to show sincerity to the cameras and reporters who’d been summoned.

But when the cameras went off and they didn’t have to fake sincerity anymore, the Speaker of the House could not stand up. She frantically waved for an aide to help her up.

Pelosi has represented the decaying city of San Francisco for 35 years now. And the decay is only getting worse. Seven presidents have come and gone and come again in that time.

Pelosi turns 83 this winter,. Which is better than not reaching the next birthday. But the incident revealed more evidence of the stunning, stale gerontocracy of our political leadership in D.C.

Hats off for many long years of spotty but lucrative service. Now, get out of the way for younger generations so the country can move ahead with more energy than Geritol.

That’s what ticks me off here this week.

Can we believe anything Joe Biden says these days? Or anytime, actually. That’s the key question in my latest column where the president says there will be no recession next year and it will be a small one.

The most recent audio commentary dealt with the stunning amount of conflict of interest allowed in our nation’s capital. And it just keeps going on and on because the folks benefiting financially are the ones who write the rules. Sweet deal for them, not the country.

Campaign debates once contained substance. Now, they’ve become TV shows with 60 or 90 minutes of rehearsed sound bites, as I wrote here in my historical examination.

Did you watch the horrifying Senate debate in Pennsylvania this week? Doesn’t matter. My RedState colleagues did that just for you and offered numerous takes, including here and here.

With less than two weeks before midterm ballots get counted, Joe Biden has started talking up what he thinks is a strong closing campaign argument to save his party: The racism of airlines charging extra money for extra seat space.

I’m not making this up.


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