MOTR, Ep. 32: Move Along, No Conflict of Interest Here

AP Photo/J. David Ake

The Wall Street Journal, one of our top journalism outfits, in my opinion, has just done a major investigation of government oversight in Washington.

And its reporting team discovered hundreds of the men and women charged with overseeing companies and industries for our government and taxpayers simultaneously hold large investments in the same companies and industries.

Hello, conflicts of interest!

It also discovered a whole bunch of large financial transactions by these folks suspiciously close to the release of major news before and during the COVID pandemic.

And, of course, there are members of Congress owning stocks, which is fine. But they’re often on committees that set the rules and regulations for the same companies they own shares for. Here are my thoughts:

This week’s column examines the October Surprise that’s become less of a surprise every political cycle since 1980. Why it’s important, sometimes. And sometimes why it’s not.

Speaking of Joe Biden, the most recent audio commentary involved my urgent suggestion that it’s well past time to begin talking about replacing him. The episodes of his serious mental lapses have become virtually daily disappointments, like this one.

My thoughts here.

Stacey Abrams, who wants to replace Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp with herself, has worried a lot in public about alleged voter suppression there. Our Joe Cunningham reports just the opposite is happening.


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