MOTR, Ep. 29: Change of Pace This Week, How to Improve a Lost Life Furever

Confiding (Credit: Andrew Malcolm)

I got my first rescue dog about the age of seven, a giant St. Bernard larger than me. He was my Buddy. They haven’t stopped coming into my life since, thankfully.

Now, I know who really gets rescued in these adoptions.

I’ve written about some of these wonderfully warm creatures on RedState here about Jamie, my latest adoption, and also here about Toby, one sad shelter resident whose life turned out great.

And so has my colleague SmoosieQ on Twitter. She volunteers regularly at a local shelter. Here’s one of her sweet pieces.

We love dogs and cats here at RedState. A couple more posts on the touching subject, including one tied to the war in Ukraine.

Earlier this year, I discussed a similar topic with another colleague, @Hounsizzle on his Cancel This! podcast.

There’s a surge in abandoned dogs and cats these days. It seems a lot of our neighbors adopted them during the COVID quarantine for their affection and abiding companionship. But now, that’s over. So, these folks are simply abandoning their trusting creatures.

I almost got angry during this week’s episode. But I controlled myself and focused on the joys — and needs — of these lost souls.

I hope you’ll consider adoption. (Google “pet shelter” with your Zip for the nearest). Maybe volunteering (it’s amazingly easy and rewarding). Or at least donating foods, toys, or the money to buy the same.

Also, listening to the commentary.

I had some fun the other day exorcising some of the anxiety I suspect many of us are feeling in these uncertain times. And I was getting anxious that perhaps you missed it.

For the latest Sunday column, I described the methodology and mechanics of political fundraising events. To do this, I actually went through a number of Joe Biden’s recent speeches to donors. I hope you appreciate what I do so you don’t have to.

I was rather surprised about what I found and wrote about them in this week’s column.

Finally, the most recent audio commentary concerned the next attempt by Barack Obama’s vice presidential partner to close the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility and release those terrorists back into the world.

This is not a parody of insanity.

This week’s photo is Zeus whispering to me about his day. A nice family found him soon after.



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