MOTR, Ep. 28: Biden Plans to Release All of Gitmo's Remaining Terrorists

(AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa)

Quietly, while far noisier news goes on around this president, Joe Biden is moving to close the Guantanamo Detention Facility in Cuba.

Not because terrorism is over. Far from it. But because this is Democrat dogma.

If you promise not to notice, I’ll tell you about the plan.

A few dozen of those captured terrorists remain there. The resident total is down from around 800 at peak times since 2002.

But Barack Obama sought and now his sidekick Joe Biden intends to release these folks through transfers to other countries or plea deals and close the offshore prison.

This seems to be a pattern with them and their fellow Democrats around the country, empty the prisons one way or another for one lame excuse or another. And set bail as low as possible to help the accused feel free and avoid stigma, even if that leads to more deaths of innocents.

Because, you see, it’s not pleasant to be in prison. Which is pretty much the reason for putting convicts in there in the first place. And to keep them from repeating their violent crimes on even more innocent victims.

Well, I’ve had enough of that. So, here are my thoughts. Yes, I’m angry.

One of the more striking things about life in America in these trying 14,664 very long hours of Joe Biden’s reign of errors is how he and his minions insist on saying so many things that aren’t.

Don’t wait for the mainstream media to tell you. But that is doublespeak and eerily like George Orwell’s novel “1984,” which was published in 1949. But could just as well be 2022.

So, I wrote about these disturbing parallels in this week’s column.

It took a very long time to bury Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. Joe Biden, who is chronically tardy, was still late for the service. I have a close connection to royalty lovers. Here are my thoughts in the most recent audio commentary.

You probably heard a lot this week about Vladimir Putin’s partial military mobilization because so many Russian troops have been chewed up by “out-matched” Ukrainian forces in Putin’s unprovoked invasion of his neighbor nation.

As usual, our own Streiff covers that speech but also explores another interesting angle to this ill-fated war in Ukraine.

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