MOTR, Ep. 26: Too Many of Us Listen These Days, But Fail to Hear

Carolyn Kaster

Many years ago. my kindergarten son said he had a question for me. I knew such a declaration meant something serious was on his mind.

What is it? I responded attentively.

“Who,” he asked, “is Richard Stans?” They talked about him every day in school.

Every day? Richard Stans? Richard Stans. I said I did not recognize the name. What did his class say about this man?

“One nation on Richard Stans.”


Click below for the rest of this week’s comments, which took a turn after that personal anecdote.

This week’s column was on the most important rules of American politics, which are the simplest. I explain how I learned them here and how Joe Biden simply doesn’t get them.

Last week’s audio, MOTR No. 25, seemed to interest a lot of folks. I got kind of angry. I felt bad — briefly. But then, I let ‘er rip here.

Talk about angry! I still have not fully recovered from the disturbing spectacle of Biden’s tantrum on too many Americans disagreeing with him — with two helpless Marines as a prop for his political diatribe and a weirdly red stage setting. It was so dark that some outlets digitally altered the speech setting.

Can you imagine if Donald Trump had said some of those things to a national TV audience? I guess it wasn’t really national, as several networks opted not to show it. And rightly so. Here’s one of Biden’s excuses.

One of the most appealing attributes of RedState for readers is the broadly diverse geographic and opinion spectrum of the writers on the site. And here. Reactions were swift and largely negative here and here. Also, here.

Finally, remember a couple of years ago Barack Obama, who lined us up for Joe Biden, was famously quoted as warning fellow Democrats never to underestimate Joe’s ability to screw things up. Except he didn’t say “screw things up.”

Obama foisted Joe Biden on us because for three months back in 2008 the rookie senator wanted the presumed gravitas presence of a long-serving Democrat senator. In turn, Biden picked a rookie senator for his 2020 ticket partner. But clearly, his reason for selecting Kamala Harris had nothing nada zip to do with gravitas.

Only once since the Depression have Dems not picked a member of Congress for their VP nominee. (Trivia test: Do you know who that was? Answer* below.)

Turns out, the Biden and Obama camps are resentful and jealous of each other. Bless their devious little hearts.


*1972, Sargent Shriver was a substitute ticket mate with George McGovern. Shriver was the first Peace Corps director and father of Maria Shriver, the former first lady of California.


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