MOTR, Ep. 25: Pardon My Anger, But Joe Biden Has Stained the Nation's Honor

Sgt. Isaiah Campbell/U.S. Marine Corps via AP

There seems to be so much anger flying about America these days. I’ve tried to rein in my outbursts of outrage.

But I can’t this week, I take on the unfunny comedy duo of Joe Biden and Barack Obama and their separate but similar outrages that cost American lives unnecessarily. Forgive the language.

Speaking of Afghanistan, a new report by RedState’s Brittany Sheehan documents $7 billion in advanced U.S. military equipment gifted to the Taliban in Biden’s chaotic troop withdrawal a year ago.

This week’s column exploring the serious benefits the United States gets from helping Ukraine resist Russian invasion, seems to have gotten some people upset.

Last week’s audio commentary on my Father’s lessons, No. 24, was a very personal one that seems to have touched some readers. I’m pleased.

Joe Biden is seeping back into the news again. He’s been absent much of the summer on a string of vacations. He’d drop back into Washington for a day or two for a photo op, usually involving spending more money.

Our colleague Nick Arama notes here that his newer giveaways do not seem to have buoyed his job approval ratings. Who’d have ever thought that spending upwards of a trillion dollars to pay off debts of an en elite level of educated Americans and have all the others pay for it would not go over so well….beyond the favored elites.

Biden’s numbers are sinking again.

And this Biden appointee is not helping her boss at all.

In my youth, the FBI was the ultimate professional law enforcement agency, even before Efrem Zimbalist Jr. played an agent on TV. Things have changed so much now and the tarnished agency is in turmoil, as Nick chronicles again.

Finally, Americans still have no answer on what that ugly thing is on Joe Biden’s neck.


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