MOTR, Ep. 22: Hey, Let's Stop the Useless Whining - Here's What You Can Do

In my first high-school football game a long, long time ago the large guy across the line was kneeing me on the first few plays. It was meant to intimidate and it did.

Back in the huddle, I complained. One of the veterans — I’ll call him Bill Bushnell — looked down at me and said impatiently, “Well, what are you going to do about it?”

Honestly, doing something about it had not occurred to me. It was so much easier and safer just to complain.

A couple plays later, the guy came at me again and an elbow may have clipped his chin in just the right place. He fell flat.

He may not remember much about that play. But obviously, I never forgot the afternoon’s lesson, which occurs to me often in recent times as fellow conservatives go on and on about media bias.

You bet, it’s there. It permeates the news. Media credibility has melted and even as a career veteran of that profession, I don’t know how it gets restored.

Well, what are we going to do about it?

So here, thanks to Bill Bushnell, are my impatient thoughts.

The most recent MOTR was No. 21 on Woke companies shooting themselves in the feet. Here it is.

This week’s column, on the mysterious opposition of Hunter Biden’s father to Nancy Pelosi’s stand-up-to-China visit to Taiwan, is right here for your reading pleasure.

Our leader at RedState, @jenvanlaar, who never sleeps it seems, lays it all out about the raid on Donald Trump’s home and what it means for you and me. Another colleague, Brandon Morse, examines the raid’s puzzling Why.

Speaking of media bias, my colleague Sister Toldjah has a revealing piece on a couple disappointing decisions within the New York Times.

Oh, and about that football player. He recovered just fine on the sideline. And I received no more knees that day.


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