Malcolm on the Right, Ep. 11: GOP Now Set for Great Midterms - but Hold On!

Malcolm on the Right, Ep. 11: GOP Now Set for Great Midterms - but Hold On!

Polls, media, even some Democrats all agree that the midterm elections set for Nov. 8 are sure to be a huge victorious night for Republicans.

Reportedly, they’re virtually certain to capture control of the House from the octogenarian triad of Democrats in charge. And conventional wisdom suggests it is also quite possible the GOP will recapture control of the Senate.

But hold on!

Here’s why:

Here’s last week’s commentary, why would Joe and Hunter Biden use code names in their private emails?

And this week’s column about how Vladimir Putin’s invasion plans have detonated on Ukraine’s will. Also, for kick’s last week’s column in which I examined Joe Biden’s arms generosity toward Ukraine that’s left our own troops short of some munitions.

I also took a detailed look at one of those U.S. killing weapons that has become a religious icon in that ongoing war.

Given recent reports of a serious Vladimir Putin illness and need for surgery, I took a deep dive into what passes for the transfer of leadership power in the Russian Empire, Soviet Union, and Russian Federation.

Hint: It’s bloody. How will the next one go?

Our military veteran colleague streiff continues his home-run coverage of that conflict that remains must-read.

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