Malcolm on the Right, Ep. 10: Now, Why Would Joe and Hunter Biden Want to Use Code Names in Private?

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I read a parody once of an Ann Landers advice request:

“Dear Ann, My daughter Elizabeth has a serious problem. That’s not her real name. Her real name is Diane….”

It brought home to me the innate silliness of pseudonyms and code names, especially in the age of an all-knowing Internet.

Think about it. People don’t use code names because they’re proud of what they’re doing and want everyone to know. They use code names to hide an identity or something.

The contents of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop contain troves of messages, plans, and documents about Hunter’s lucrative overseas influence-peddling operations while his father was vice president.

Biden took Hunter with him on an official visit to China on Air Force Two during his vice-presidential years. Ten days later, Hunter successfully got a business license from China for a lucrative business deal there. We still have no evidence of its conclusion.

Joe Biden claimed he’s never talked with Hunter about his business operations. He’s also claimed he had a career as a long-haul truck driver.

I describe some of the shady details of these multi-million dollar gigs and share my thoughts in this week’s brief commentary here:

Here’s last week’s commentary.

And last week’s column in which I examined Joe Biden’s dubious vow to combat “misinformation.”

Given recent reports of a serious Vladimir Putin illness and need for surgery, I also took a deep dive into what passes for the transfer of leadership power in the Russian Empire, Soviet Union, and Russian Federation.

Hint: It’s bloody. How will this next one go?

My RedState colleagues have chronicled the Joe Biden’s latest flops here and here. Oh, and this one is rich. The malfunctioning relationship between Biden and his disappointingly, patronizing hand-picked political partner.

And then, of course, the delicious drama over Twitter’s new ownership.

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