After Screwing up Our Border With Mexico, Biden Sets out to Fix Tajikistan's With the Taliban

One of the most – how can we put this gently? – puzzling aspects of this endless Joe Biden presidency is his penchant for taking the very same policy steps as someone who wants to actively damage the United States, its interests, security, and its standing in the world, which he says is so important.

Wait! Why be gentle? He’s not. Honestly, this Biden penchant is also confounding, maddening, enraging, and stupid. Unless – wait again — you do actually want to damage the United States, its interests, security, and world standing.

Biden finally follows through on Donald Trump’s announced troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, a popular move by any U.S. commander in chief. But inexplicably, Biden delays it from the quiet spring months there into the peak summer fighting season, when the Taliban is on an inexorable march across that country.

Biden claims Trump alienated our important allies, says that improving those key relations is an important part of his “Building Back Better” goals, a slogan he plagiarized from Britain’s Boris Johnson.

Then, after 20 years of side-by-side combat and thousands of casualties, without informing those allies or country hosts, Biden walks out on them by surreptitiously pulling all U.S. forces out of Afghanistan in the dark of one July night.

This accomplished two goals key to the Taliban’s ruthless renewed rule over that god-forsaken land: With no hope for skilled air support, it prompts the regular Afghan Army to immediately collapse, handing over control of every major city to the insurgents.

Is Biden and his like-minded political posse capable of thinking through this abrupt abandonment? Because it leaves thousands of American hostages behind unevacuated to provide Taliban hostage leverage. And it abandons thousands of Afghan interpreters, collaborators, and their families stranded there ripe and ready for revenge-taking.

On energy, Biden cancels drilling leases and the Keystone XL pipeline both key to maintaining the American energy independence Donald Trump forged so quickly, not to mention erasing at a pen stroke some 40,000 well-paying union jobs.

Then, the Democrat lifts Trump’s sanctions and endorses Vladimir Putin’s immense undersea gas pipeline to Europe that will a) bolster the Russian’s strategic goals and struggling economy, c) damage U.S. energy sales to the continent, and d) weaken NATO allies’ powers to resist Moscow’s strategic influences.

Now comes word that as the southern U.S. border melts into irrelevance with the cancellation of Trump’s border wall and the needless, unresisted invasion of thousands of illegal immigrants, Biden has ordered his administration instead to – wait for it — help Tajikistan strengthen its border with neighboring Afghanistan.

There are 14 Americans who could find Tajikistan on a map (it’s on the northeastern side of Afghanistan). But Tajikistan has agreed to take 100,000 Afghan refugees. So, Biden wants to appear to help them.

Americans, on the other hand, have no leverage. They’re stuck with Biden or (whispering) Kamala Harris for at least another 40 months. So, get used to being taken for granted, folks.

Your only chance to send a Stop It, Joe! message comes with next year’s Nov. 8 midterm elections.

It won’t get rid of Joe Biden. But if his party loses its ultra-slim control of Congress, demotes Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to powerless spectators, and hands the GOP working majorities, then the Biden-AOC-Bernie progressive agenda will be frozen in place in carbonite like Han Solo in “Return of the Jedi.”

Tajikistan (the -istan on all those countries is Sanskrit for “land of” or “home”) is in the southeast corner of central Asia. It’s a shade larger than New York state but without any Cuomos. Its population (about 9.4 million) is slightly larger than New York City.

Tajikistan is heavily agricultural and mountainous (more than 90 percent of the country is near or above 10,000 feet altitude) and was part of the ancient trade routes linking China and Iran.

Tajikistan is not far from Kafiristan, the now extinct kingdom ruled briefly by Peachey Carnehan and Daniel Dravot in Rudyard Kipling’s tale “The Man Who Would Be King.”

Long part of the Persian Empire, Tajikistan was absorbed by Russia in the 1860s, became a republic within the Soviet Union, then gained its independence 30 years ago this month with the Soviet dissolution.

Tajikistan soldiers. Credit: Tajik Presidential Press Service

Though Sunni Muslim, it maintains close relations with Shia Iran and Moscow, which maintains a large military base there. Taliban trouble spilling over the border into politically peaceful Tajikistan remains a major concern. In fact, as part of their lightning sweep across Afghanistan following Biden abandoning Bagram Air Base, Taliban forces did take over the Tajik border post.

After screwing up the relative peace the Trump administration had established on the border with Mexico, Biden handed the clean-up assignment to Kamala Harris, his hapless border czar. Thanks to her focused attention and dynamic leadership, nothing has improved there.

But earlier this month after surrendering to the Taliban following 20 years of combat and then rearming the insurgents with billions in modern abandoned weapons, the Biden administration announced that it would help Tajikistan strengthen its border with Afghanistan.

Actually, it wasn’t an administration announcement. Although Biden has been a serial klutz diplomatically in recent months, even his staff knew not to call attention to its work strengthening a Tajikistan border 7,800 miles from Del Rio, Texas, where it isn’t strengthening its own porous border.

The news that the United States would build new facilities for Tajikistan’s border guards to do their patriotic nation-guarding duty came from the U.S. Embassy in Dushanbe, the capital. The new construction will replace an existing outdated detachment, allowing Tajik border guards to “deploy forces more quickly to border areas in response to threats.”

Clearly, it’s much easier for the Biden folks in Washington to spot potential border threats that might possibly occur someday in the southern reaches of distant Tajikistan than actual border threats that are already occurring in the southern parts of the United States.

Thank goodness though, border czar Kamala Harris is on the case.


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