President Biden Is Still Leaving Americans, Others Stranded in Afghanistan

President Biden Is Still Leaving Americans, Others Stranded in Afghanistan
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While the Biden administration is trying desperately to memory hole the ongoing disaster in Afghanistan, people are still stranded in the country. For many, it does not seem that the White House will ever get them out of the region, which means they continue to be in danger from the Taliban and other terrorist groups.

Fox News reported on a combat interpreter who is stuck in Afghanistan. Zekria, a 31-year-old former interpreter with the U.S. military is still trapped in the country after he traveled to Kabul in July to try extricating his family as the White House began the withdrawal of troops from the region. He is also a permanent resident of the United States and has lived in Arizona since 2015.

He told Fox News:

“There are a lot of people still left behind. My friends, I know them, they are stuck here. Four of them are American citizens. Two from Arizona and two from California.”

Zekria continued, explaining that “the Biden administration left without any plan, and that is why there are thousands of allies who worked for the U.S. military, American citizens, Afghan Americans, all stuck here.”

He contended that the administration “should have evacuated qualified people first and then the others, but they didn’t.”

This is a common criticism of the Biden administration. They believed it more important to remove U.S. troops from the region than to ensure that American citizens and Afghan allies were evacuated first.

But what is noteworthy about this affair is that Zekria revealed that many of the Afghans who were flown out of Afghanistan were “beggars displaced from other provinces” and that “they were not qualified SIVs [people who qualify for the Special Immigrant Visa].”

The former interpreter told Fox News that he has been trying to connect with the State Department, but has not been successful.

From Fox:

Zekria told Fox News he’s a permanent resident of the United States with a green card. He shared documents with Fox News, as well as dozens of emails to the State Department and other U.S. embassies efforting an exit from Afghanistan, but said he has not received any response, except for one email with phone numbers for emergency issues from the U.S. Embassy in Doha.

He also said he is concerned about being evicted from his Arizona home while he is stuck in Afghanistan. But even more troubling is that he does not believe he is “getting out safe.”

There are likely thousands more in the same situation as Zekria. These are people whom America is obligated to help. The fact that Biden’s administration is abandoning so many of those who did their part to help the United States military in the region is an obscene abdication of responsibility – and they should be held accountable.

Unfortunately, it seems the activist media has decided to start assisting the administration in trying to get the nation to move on from this unmitigated disaster. While they were critical of the president as the withdrawal and evacuation efforts were failing, it appears they are not as gung-ho about speaking truth to power at this moment. Perhaps it is because they realize how badly this debacle is harming the Democrats politically.

However, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is expected to testify in front of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees next week, so the issue isn’t going away anytime soon. If the testimony of Secretary of State Antony Blinken is any indication, this hearing will be quite devastating for President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

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