Clueless, Tasteless Joe Biden Walks on Graves of Afghan Fallen

Biden at Arlington (Credit - CSPAN)

Some Americans may have become accustomed to stupid photo-ops by politicians who seek a media image to match their message of the day. Shake your head at the Swamp’s idiocy and move on.


But Wednesday Joe Biden took this practice to a stunning new, well, depth.

To demonstrate something about his Afghan troop withdrawal announcement Biden’s handlers took him to one of the nation’s most sacred places, Arlington National Cemetery, the final resting place for some 400,000 fallen soldiers, veterans, and spouses. May they Rest in Peace Forever.

On Wednesday, Biden finally said that a stunning 7,156 bloody days after bloody 9/11/01, he intended to get the last 2,500 U.S. troops out of the nation’s longest war, presumably joined by all the forces of our loyal NATO allies. President Donald Trump had actually set May 1st as an earlier departure date.

As you know by now, Biden must cater to his left crowd and reverse as many Trump decisions and policies as possible. (See Keystone Pipeline, tax cuts, southern border protection, etc.) So, Biden canceled next month’s troop pullout. And he pushed it back to – wait for this – 9/11 this year. See the photo-opery of this? Perfect date.

Of course, this means our sons and daughters will remain in deadly danger for five more months. But anything for a symbolic photo.


So, Biden aides took him to Arlington’s Section 60, the final resting place for many of the 2,452 American military members who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend us and settle the 9/11 score in that God-forsaken hellhole called Afghanistan that’s also taken 1,144 allied lives.

Biden got out of the car. Someone handed him a collapsible umbrella because it might rain and the 78-year-old commander-in-chief would get wet. They pointed Biden to where they wanted him to walk among the lonely white gravestones. Photographers were already positioned at the best angle.

Thanks to the omnipresent cameras of that national treasure C-SPAN, the nation then saw Joe Biden amble all alone among the sacred tombs, staring down at them and hopefully feeling saddened. Because as vice president, he was the most prominent backer of Barack Obama’s much-touted 2009 dispatch of 30,000 more U.S. troops over there, en route to 100,000-plus. See, Obama believed Afghanistan was the “good war” as opposed to George W. Bush’s bad Iraq War.

But wait! There’s more from the Arlington show! In order to signal to photographers and his senior health adviser Anthony Fauci the steadfast virtue of this long-vaccinated man, Joe Biden wore a mask among the dead. Yards and yards from any living soul. And now we will forever have this cringe-worthy image of a president using for optics the graves of fallen who can no longer respond.


Some of us may recall that a major goal of the forever Afghan War was to capture and bring to justice Osama bin Laden, 9/11’s mastermind. That did not work out early on because a certain newspaper reported that U.S. intelligence was tracking Bin Laden in the mountains by his satellite cellphone. He turned it off. And escaped.

When intelligence tracked him down again almost 10 years later, Special Ops was prepared to go get him. Joe Biden was the only senior adviser to vote against the mission. Obama ignored him.



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