The Worst of College Campus Insanity 2018

The American college campus is not a friendly place for diversity of thought. But just how bad was it in 2018? Campus Reform has rounded up some of the worst things to happen on college campuses this year.


In one article, they outline the five most anti-conservative statements and actions on campus in 2018. This covers things from professors swearing at students and going on rants to student government members losing their seats once students found out they might have some opposing viewpoints on things completely unrelated to campus life.

In another, they round up 5 times colleges cancelled classes and events for political reasons. These include canceling class for a moment of silence to honor Kavanaugh’s accuser, cancelling a play for not having enough students of the right ethnicity, and cancelling classes for a day of “privilege” programming. Will that be on the exam?

Finally, take a look at the 5 most egregious faculty and student arrests (yes, arrests) this year. People were arrested for attacking republicans and holding grades hostage until certain demands are met.

You can also check out 9 times Campus Reform itself influenced campus policy and the 5 most viewed Campus Reform videos of 2018.

What do you think? Is a college education even worth it?





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