ProPublica is Getting Desperate for Dirt on Kavanaugh

Back when Brett Kavanaugh was nominated for the Supreme Court, there was a rush to find dirt on him. The media wanted his deep, dark secrets. Unfortunately, it appears that there aren’t any. So, instead, the media reported that he bought baseball tickets- and his friends paid him back for the tickets they used. I’m not sure how this is a problem, but the usual suspects tried to frame it as one.


One outlet, ProPublica, has not given up on getting to the bottom of this baseball scandal.

They tweeted this on Monday morning

How can a baseball-loving public help them? They don’t really know:

We’re not sure what we’ll find. But we do know that people take a lot of pictures at baseball games. Did you see Judge Kavanaugh at a game? Did you attend a game with him? Do you have any photos, and if so, will you send them our way?

It also says:

We’d especially like to figure out where he sat, how many seats he bought and which friends attended games with him.

The piece contains a form to fill out, too:

Don’t worry, world, they are on the case!

People were embarrassed on behalf of ProPublica.


It is extremely creepy. Back down, ProPublica. You’ve kind of lost it.




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