Snopes Doubles Down on Saying Dems Applauded Gold Star Widow

Earlier ts week, I wrote about prominent democrats sitting through a standing ovation for gold star widow Carryn Owens, and the way website Snopes was misleading readers on the subject. Snopes has now published an update which doubles down on their misleading story.


UPDATE: We changed the status of this page from UNPROVEN to FALSE after encountering additional visual evidence documenting the inaccuracy of the claim, we removed an embedded tweet from Benny Johnson and replaced it with more representative textual examples of the claim, and we added explanation of the sequence of events as depicted in video footage.

They piece shows a great deal of evidence that the democrats in question, especially Ellison and Wasserman-Schulz, did stand for the widow upon being introduced, which is not in question. What has been shown is that they did not stand during the later standing ovation for her husband’s service, the truth of which which Snopes does not address.

Here’s a video, we will let you be the judge.


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