University Makes History, Welcomes the First Biologically Male Sorority Girl

At the University of Wyoming, revolution is in the air: A women’s social club has admitted a biological male.

As noted by oodles of ’80s movies, males have long strived for a view into the abodes of Greek girls. And thanks to America’s sudden sexual sensibilities, now a person with a penis might attain the best seat in the (sorority) house.


According to school paper Branding Iron, Artemis Langford pledged to join Kappa Kappa Gamma (KKG) for Fall ’22. It was a bold move, given the student’s cervical shortage.

But the pursuit paid off — now Artemis is an officially-initiated sister:

As reaffirmed by Vice President of Student Affairs, Kim Chestnut, Artemis Langford is the first openly transgender student to be accepted into and to participate in sorority and fraternity life at UW as of September, 2022.

The trailblazer applauds KKG’s progressivism:

“I feel so glad to be in a place that I think not only shares my values, but to be in a sisterhood of awesome women that want to make history. They want to break the glass ceiling, trailblazing you know, and I certainly feel that as their first trans member, at least in the chapter in Wyoming history.”

Kappa Kappa Gamma’s 2021 rules elbow sex to make room for “gender.” From the KKG Guide for Supporting Our LGBTQUIA+ Members:

Kappa Kappa Gamma is a single-gender organization comprised of women and individuals who identify as women whose governing documents do not discriminate in membership selection except by requiring good scholarship and ethical character.

Oddly, Artemis dismisses identity:

“Our Greek life here on campus, and I think nationwide as well, offers so many resources and so many opportunities and I am really glad that people can partake in that and be welcomed and not afraid that they’ll be rejected. Things that shouldn’t matter, like what their identity is or what their orientation is or what the color of their skin is.”


For those opposed to scrotum-sporting citizens living the girly Greek life, Artemis hopes your perspective will improve:

“There does come a price to being a first, and it comes with people in our current political situation that are detractors that do not want that. To those detractors, I say that I understand where you’re coming from, but at the end of the day I wish that they would see me as who I am.”

And who is Artemis? Get it from the horse’s mouth:

“I am Artemis Langford. I’m from Lander, Wyoming. I went to high school here. I love this state. I love this campus and community. And I just hope that they’d see me as the person I am and not the ideology that they perceive me as.”

For the student’s sisters, perception won’t come into play; per the LGBTQUIA+ guide, they’re not allowed to utter any pronoun-powered opinions:

Use inclusive, nongender-specific language.

Regardless, “gender-specific language” is unrelated to biological sex. Apropos of such a separation, prostate-possessing people are making incredible strides in the world of women:

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Miss France Welcomes Biological Male Contestant, ‘a Candidate Like the Others’

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Back to the University of Wyoming, it’s a brand new collegiate day. Sororities once solely admitted candidates with birth canals. But like child-bearing hips, the path to membership has widened. And contemporary inclusivity has birthed a tolerance for testes.



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