'Pastor Story Hour': Two Preachers Retaliate Against Drag Queen Story Hour With Bible-Based Versions

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Is Drag Queen Story Hour the only kind of hour for kids who love stories? Not anymore.

You’re likely aware of the contemporary craze — men dress as exaggerated versions of women and read books to children, sometimes with LGBT content. It’s caused quite a stir, but reactions among traditionalists have been just that. However, two ministers are changing the story. A couple of American pastors have created their own renditions with a faith-based twist.


On Twitter last week, Prescott, Arizona Pastor Dale Partridge explained:

“I was tired of complaining about the Drag Queen Story Hour movement, so I hosted a “Pastor Story Hour” at our…library.”

Indeed he did, at Cottonwood Public Library. As reported by The Washington Times, the leader of Reformation Fellowship read a book he wrote and published called Jesus and My Gender.

As he told the Times, “It’s just a kid’s book that doesn’t speak to the transgender issues. It…essentially affirms boyhood and girlhood to children that God made you this way. And it’s a great thing.”

Dale’s not alone in the endeavor. Rev. Michael Foster — of Batavia, Ohio’s East River Church — believed, in his words, that protesting Drag Queen Story Hour didn’t “lead to much good effect.” Therefore, he launched an alternative.

“I thought, ‘You know what, we should just do our own, we should just go to our libraries and do a really good job at telling good wholesome Bible stories.'”

At Clermont County Public Library, Michael read from James Shrimpton’s The King and the Dragon. The work spins a Christian metaphorical tale about a knight slaying a dragon.


Public libraries, of course, are part of the communal sphere. It makes sense that they might host different ideological events — if they host ideological events at all.

Meanwhile, however, drag queens appear more popular than pastors:

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Still, the preachers’ book readings reached a respectable audience. Michael says his drew 35 kids. And it was fun:

“I went and read, made sure they all got a candy cane on the way out. And they really liked it. My wife said a couple of the kids said, ‘When are we doing the next one?’ And that was encouraging to me.”

As for Dale, he poses a question:

“Why is it that drag queens and the LGBT movement are seemingly more interested in influencing the community, their local community, than pastors are? I think Christians are good at doing church stuff. We need to get better at doing culture stuff.”


Christianity’s absence in the Story Hour realm has certainly seemed curious — especially since it’s based on a book.



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