Alabama Dog Shelter Drafts Drag Queen Teacher for Fundraiser, 'Big Bone' Sex Joke Fetches the Feds

Charlie Neibergall

Culinarily, culture is currently swirling two very dissident flavors: drag shows and children. Given the contrast of ingredients, we shouldn’t be surprised if it occasionally leaves a bad taste in some people’s mouths.


And in response to a recent event at a dog shelter, charges of distaste have been leveled, indeed.

According to Huntsville, Alabama’s ABC31, local nonprofit Hard Knocks Rescue & Training, Inc. “hosts storytimes with children as a way to raise funds and features books about acceptance, authenticity and, of course, dogs.”

Such an officially “family-friendly” affair was held on September 24th, and its storyteller/drag queen was a middle school teacher named James Miller.

James evidently has an edgy sense of humor, which ended up creating controversy.

Dressed as alter ego Ms. Majesty Divine, he orated the literary gem Walter the Farting Dog; at one point in the story, a mutt digs for a bone.

As depicted in the Facebook livestream, James/Ms. Majesty added his/her own commentary:

“A treasure! A bone — everybody loves a big bone!”

Seeking a statement from James’s educational employer, Libs of TikTok contacted innuendo-worthy Mountain Gap Middle School:

I am reaching out for comment regarding a middle teacher at Mountain Gap, James Miller.

Mr. Miller, otherwise known as drag queen performer Ms. Majesty Divine, was at a Drag Queen Story Hour” on September 24th where he made a handful of lewd sexual jokes to a room full of children. Some of these comments included “Everybody likes a big bone,” and “All men [have] meat on the brain.” …

Mr. Miller also has a variety of public TikToks that are of interest given his role as a middle school teacher, including one where he says the emergency room told him, “Nothing ends up in your a** by accident!”


Concerning that last item, in James’s defense, the ER may have absolutely used such a teachable moment. It’s a real-world issue:


As for Mountain Gap’s comment, there was none.

Libs of TikTok also noted Ms. Majesty’s Facebook friskiness:

On his Majesty Divine Facebook, Mr. Miller posts photos of men biting fake breasts and putting their faces in a man’s crotch.

It seems reasonable that, if society takes a form of entertainment heretofore aimed at adult audiences and serves it to youngsters, some age-inappropriate occurrences will ensue. Even so, drag is dominating beaucoup domains:

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Nevada Air Force Base Hosts Drag Show

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Back to man-loved meat and big bones, James’s off-color remarks have created an internet stir. Having performed as a drag queen for 22 of his 27 years as a teacher, he told Huntsville’s WAAYTV the two jobs have never caused a conflict; he’s an encouraging figure:


“I became a teacher in order to be that encouraging adult figure that I needed as a child. I advocate for all my students, LGBTQ+ or not.”

And Hard Knocks Rescue is sticking with Ms. Majesty — despite looming violence:

The shelter’s owners say they aren’t wavering in their support of Miller, but after the story began making the rounds online, they received an influx of negative reviews and even death threats.

In fact, they’ve involved the feds:

The owners said they have reached out to police and the FBI about the threats.

“We are doing nothing wrong we have no shame for what we do. We fully support the message. We say all of the time, we would rather be excluded for who we include then be included for who we exclude, and that will be our statement every day going forward,” the nonprofit’s CEO Lisa Maasen said.

“You hear similar comments in Disney movies and other children’s programming. There was nothing out of line, and we don’t tell people, ‘bring your children here and drop them off.’ Parents are here, and it’s up to the parents, if they bring their children, they make those choices for their children,” Maasen added. …

The school may be less supportive:

Friday, Miller told WAAY 31 the Huntsville School District placed him on paid administrative leave indefinitely as they investigate. WAAY has reached out to the school system for confirmation.

It seems the shelter’s philanthropic event ended up quite a complicated cluster. An animal charity transformed into a comedy routine primed for a burlesque show, and a tale of dog farts stunk up the joint with sex jokes for juniors. But this is the new world, and these are the new loosened reigns.


Still, perhaps next time Hard Knocks Rescue & Training, Inc. will consider opting for a simple raffle. They can give away a big bone — purportedly, everyone loves those.



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