Woke Social Media Platform Launches to Fight 'Elon Musk's MAGA Twitter,' and the Name Is Perfect

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Move over, Twitter. There’s a new social media platform in town. And it’s not dumb.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Tribel, here’s a description from the platform’s Apple.com page:


Tribel is the SMARTER social network where your posts immediately reach the right audience, you finally get the recognition you deserve for making great posts — and you can customize your news feed to easily find the breaking and trending posts YOU want WHEN you want them — in any topic.

And you won’t have to worry about fake news or immorality:

A new grassroots social network is finally here, one that has safeguards in place that will put morality, truth, and We the People first — and has innovative new features that will lead social media towards a brighter, better future.

The Post Millennial relays that the company’s creator, Omar Rivero, also runs Occupy Democrats. And on October 26th, Omar tweeted big news. Evidently, Elon Musk and Donald Trump are in with the Nazis:

“BREAKING: Elon…tweets a video of him moving in to Twitter headquarters, signaling that his purchase is complete. In retaliation to his plans to invite Trump & his neo-Nazis back, millions of angry Twitter users join @TribelSocial, a new pro-democracy Twitter alternative. RT!”

Thankfully, Tribel is guaranteed to be a safe space. Per PM, on Thursday, the site announced it had preemptively banned Elon Musk. The Post Millennial displays a tweet by Tribal Social Network possibly to that effect simply stating “Yes,” but the post(s) to which it responds can’t be publicly viewed. Assuming the report is correct, he’s not the only one — the following day, the platform banned Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Kanye West. It has further stated, “We ban racists for life.”


In case you missed it, Tribel is very much into banning, AKA “pro-Democracy.” It’s also all for “equality”:


One user praised the bans: “Yes — people that preach misinformation should not be allowed a place to preach it.”

Another lamented that Republicans own all media institutions:

“I was hoping Elon would find another hobby. The Republicans own TV stations, newspapers, now Twitter. The propaganda machines are going all-in. The only thing the Democrats have left, our vote and our willingness to boycott. Vote Blue ’22.”


One reply to that post:

Back to Nazis, would fans of Hitler relish free speech? Elon does. And some on the Left appear to find it frightful. To hear them tell it, free speech is a threat to free speech:

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America has changed quickly — the best I can tell, Elon Musk has been vilified because he believes in arguably the oldest national value: freedom to speak one’s mind. These days, the Left side of the aisle seems to have flipped-flopped; whereas it long trumpeted such a virtue, what once was virtuous has now been deemed vile.

As for the nation’s new woke social media platform, at least it’s honest about its very contemporary model: It’s nothing if not “tribal.”



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