Wife Buys Husband $2K Sex Doll to Look Like Her, Then Spends $11K to Look Like It

So where is the culture, relationally? It’s not too far from a situation in London involving a doll.

In June of 2021, 23-year-old Char Grey spent $1,800 on a prize for her 28-year-old spouse, Callum. The booty: a dirty doll named Dee.


As reported by the New York Post, Char was struggling at the time “with her husband’s high libido.”

[She] bought a lookalike sex doll in order to take the pressure off if she’s not in the mood.

But something unexpected occurred: Char herself fell for the latex lover.

“Dee is not just a doll,” Char told South West News Service. “We’re really attached to her. She’s helped strengthen our relationship — and set our sex lives on fire.”

Field trip, anyone?

Outside of the bedroom, Dee has also become an important part of the couple’s relationship.

Char and Callum dress the doll up in white lingerie and take her out on car rides. She also sits beside them when they watch their favorite TV show, The Inbetweeners, together.

A seismic shift has occurred: Whereas Char chose the doll because it resembled her, now that Dee’s their core dee-light, she wants to look like it.

And OnlyFans girl Char is putting her money where her mouth is:

[S]he has spent more than $11,000 on cosmetic procedures in a bid to look exactly like [their] sex doll…

“I think she’s so pretty, and I want to look exactly like her,” [Char] told NeedToKnow.online on Friday. “I’ve had multiple types of filler carried out to look more like her, as well as a nose job.”



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Back to Char, Callum, and Dee — AKA Delilah — the wife is ready to further conform to her husband’s polymer-compound concubine:

[Char] is hooked and is considering getting breast implants to emulate Delilah’s big bust.

“We need to get her fitted for a bra, and after that, I’ll look into a boob job, but she’s massive,” [Char] declared. “I’m willing to spend as much as it takes, and I think, in the end, I’ll feel better about myself and how I look.”

Call it a sign of things to come. Inanimate admirers are all the rage, and the options are increasingly ample:


In an era of Instagram models, Char isn’t the first person to covet the countenance of a dummy. And given our cultural trajectory, she certainly won’t be the last. In fact, nose jobs and breast implants are minor moves. Where dollish good looks are concerned, the future’s far more full-bodied:



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