College Students Decry Sexual Assault, but a Cop-Caller Comes out as the Real 'Monster'

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At the University of Pittsburgh, there’s terrible campus crime. But perhaps more disturbingly, there’s a monster.

Earlier this month, the school saw its third reported sexual assault for the academic year. That resulted in protest and a statement from Carrie Benson, senior manager for prevention and education in Pitt’s Title IX office:


“The University does not and will not tolerate sexual assault and misconduct on our campuses, and we will continue to prioritize the important work of fostering a learning environment where every member of our university community feels safe, respected and supported.”

A female student launched a petition for change. Among its demands: security cameras and required identification for building access. Also insisted upon: more campus police.

The appeal received roughly 6,000 signatures. But for some, its call for cops was a dastardly dealbreaker.

From Pitt News:

Not all protesters supported the concept of increased policing on campus, because they said police presence does not make students more safe…

In fact, law enforcement endangers people who are not white:

[It] may even threaten the safety of Black and brown students…

Racial politics were aflame:

According to the crime alert, at approximately 4:20 p.m. Monday, a college-age man sexually assaulted a woman in a Cathedral stairwell then fled in an unknown direction. The crime alert described the suspect as a college-age thin Black male with short curly “buzz cut” hair, stubble facial hair and brown eyes. His estimated height is 5’ 8”–5’9″.

[One student] said a white male sexually assaulted her on campus in October 2021 and Pitt Police did not release a crime alert — but five days later, they issued an alert about a sexual assault allegedly committed by a Black man.


Somewhere amid the threat of more KKK-ish cops, the petitioner had a change of heart. She issued a mea culpa and deleted the petition.

We’re living in curious times — police appear to be our prime public enemy:

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Back to the University of Pittsburgh, on Fox News Friday, Greg Gutfeld digested a new understanding of danger:

“[A]fter a sexual assault, some students were more concerned over the presence of police than the presence of a rapist. Of course, this is what happens when the media distorts the odds of police shootings. … It is…an achievement of the radical Left that now we live in a world where young people believe the police are more harmful than criminals. That is something that you try to push into society in order to destroy it.”



“Using their logic, if you’re at an ATM late at night, you’re better off if the guy behind you is wearing a ski mask than a cop’s hat.”

Via Reddit, the petition’s creator confessed to what she is:

“I…want to say that I’m really sorry about all of this. I did want to inspire positive change on campus — I have very, very close friends that are [sexual assault] victims so it’s something really, really near to my heart. But if I could take it all back, I promise I would.

“The fact that it seems like more campus cops are being added because of something that I did makes me a monster, and I know that.”

It’s the month of Halloween, and spookiness is all around. Beware of monsters, AKA those who’d like more security in order to be more secure. Maybe they’ll be used for good — monsters might scare away the sexual assaulters.

So goes the woke way of America.



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