Mother Sues Polyamorous Lovers Over Son's Sex Slave Injections to Make His Scrotum the Size of a Basketball



It’s a story of stunning tragedy.

In 2018, Tank Hafertepen was living with his four polyamorous fetishistic boyfriends. The bunch included “Master” Dylan Hafertepen, who dictatorially ruled his submissive “pups.” Both pup Tank and Master Dylan ran Tumblr accounts chronicling the guys’ sexual exploits.


The quintet would lift weights for hours a day, and they’d eat ’til they were stuffed. The goal: to get as big as could be.

Unsurprisingly, one critical body part wouldn’t grow from either weights or woofing down whatever. So it was on to alternate means: In order to have the largest private parts possible, they’d inject themselves with saline.

The transformation, however, was only temporary.

The crew eventually graduated to silicone, resulting in a miracle of growth. Unfortunately, their quest for enormous unmentionables came at the expense of wellness.

Tank ended up hospitalized, and things took a truly awful turn.

After spending part of the week in a coma, tragically, he passed away from a pulmonary embolism — a malady which also strikes Brazilian butt lift recipients.

Life is precious; what happened was horrible.

And Dylan never notified Tank’s mother, Linda, or his brother, Ben. In fact, Dylan presented himself as the legal overseer and ordered Tank’s cremation last October. It wasn’t until a week later that Linda learned of her son’s fate.

Now she and Ben are suing Dylan, as well as pups Matthew Scott, Charles Osborn, Philip Myers, and Daniel Balderas Hafertepen, for wrongful death, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and civil conspiracy.


Additionally, they’re seeking punitive damages and intend to contest Tank’s will.

The Chapmans are accusing Dylan and his subservients of neglecting their responsibility to care for Tank by making him take the injections.

Here’s a summary from The Daily Beast:

Chapman alleged that Dylan and the pups coerced Tank into inflating his scrotum to “the size of a basketball” through a mix of manipulation and humiliation. Dylan ordered Tank to use steroids to bulk up, degraded him, and forced him to publicly castigate himself for perceived violations of the relationship with Dylan, the complaint states.

There was certainly no question who was in charge:

As a pup, Tank went to great lengths to demonstrate his devotion to Dylan. He changed his name from Jack Chapman to Tank Heathcliff Hafertepen, thereby adopting his pup name as his legal name to take Dylan’s last name. He emigrated from Australia to the U.S. to join the pups and while in the States tattooed “Property of Master Dylan” on his lower back under Dylan’s astrological sign. His mother alleges Dylan forced him to cut off all contact to family in Australia.

Both Tank and Dylan had acknowledged the dangers of silicone injections on their blogs, but when a reader asked Tank how big he intended for his scrotum to become, he wrote, “Master will decide when enough is enough.”


As per the suit, during periods when the two were broken up, Tank had confided to friends that Dylan abused him, both physically and psychologically.

At one point, Dylan sued Tank for back rent and silicone costs.

In what may have been part of a cover-up, for a while after Tank’s terrible passing, Dylan continued to post on social media as Tank.

And just three weeks before his death, Tank made out a will which left all assets to Dylan, including $200,000 from Tank’s father. Linda claims Tank had planned to leave the cash to his autistic brother.

It’s always truly ugly when family and lovers sue.

Hopefully, the story will serve as a warning to those wanting to drastically prove loyalty to a mate. No life-threatening “I Love You” is worth the risk.



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