Christmas Comes Early: Stacey Abrams Gets Her Own Action Figure

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Sure, you’ve loved Stacey Abrams; but you haven’t been able to get her to do what you want. Well, now you can.

For you and maybe many of your friends, Christmas will come early this year: Toy company FCTRY has released an action figure dedicated to the determined Democratic race-runner.


In February, FCTRY announced the upcoming release:

Stacey Abrams is Available for Pre-order Today

Yep. Today’s the big day. As of now, you can preorder Stacey Abrams! It’s been a loooong time since we released a new figure and we couldn’t be happier about the newest addition to our action figure family!

“We’ll be using this space to make announcements about the project and its progress,” the site stated. No related posts appear to have followed, and the prerelease notice received zero comments. However, Amazon presently displays the injustice-fighting figure.

Judging by its description, it’s perfect:

PERFECT DISPLAY & SIZE: At 6 inches tall, Stacey Abrams and all of our action figures are portable! Bring them on adventures to get the perfect photo, or pose them to stand proudly on any flat surface. You can purchase this Stacey Abrams action figure for someone who adores her.
CAREFULLY SCULPTED & PROTOTYPED: The Stacey Abrams Action Figure was carefully sculpted by our good friend Mike Leavitt, a Seattle-based artist and activist. Like Mike’s fine art pieces, the figures are one part product and one part social commentary, exploring who we idolize in contemporary culture and how we do it.


The company has certainly pegged Stacey’s likeness. Its arguably even more accurate than FCTRY’s closely-resembling tributes to Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, Bernie Sanders, and Barack Obama.

Among those not quite matching their real-life inspirations:

It’s quite the crew. Megyn Kelly spotted the then-Stacey-less gang back in May. At the time, Nancy Pelosi was a part:

Concerning Fauci’s figurine, anti-Anthony Megyn tweeted, “It’s worse than we thought.”

As for Stacey’s effigy, the possibilities are endless: You can pretend Kamala is Oprah so the two can have a chat; you can imagine Barack as Raphael Warnock and let Stacey request assistance; or you can just play out protests of voter suppression.

You can even have her win the 2019 Georgia gubernatorial race. Or enact her impressive feat of becoming a multimillionaire by losing an election.

You could make her President of Earth, but that’s already been done:


The sky’s the limit. So collect FCTRY’s entire series, and let the fun begin.

Hopefully, no one will misuse any of the figures…



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