Report: Stacey Abrams Knows She's Toast

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The gubernatorial campaign of Stacey Abrams has been absolutely floundering in recent weeks, with her at one point begging Sen. Raphael Warnock for campaign help and reports swirling about Democrats who’ve privately expressed concerns over the fact that she has been unable to recapture the supposed magic of her 2018 campaign against then-Sec. of State Brian Kemp.


And now, with just two weeks to go before Election Day and at a time when it’s become increasingly clear that Democrats in battleground parts of the country are on the ropes, Abrams is further fueling speculation that she’s given up hope of defeating Kemp by significantly decreasing what she’s putting into ad buys in the closing days of her campaign:

From the AJC story:

Stacey Abrams’ campaign for governor has been awash with cash since she entered the race in December. That’s why the latest round of ad spending surprised so many from both sides of the aisle.

After long spending more than $2 million each week to bombard the airwaves, records show Abrams shelled out roughly $800,000 this week on broadcast ads. Her campaign said the total bumps up to $1 million when including cable TV purchases.


Abrams, whose campaign reserved about $2.6 million in ads last week, released a closing TV message on Tuesday that focuses on an economic argument.


Conservative commentator (and RedState alumnus) Erick Erickson, who resides in Georgia, had the same reaction I did to the news:

As we’ve previously reported, despite her best efforts to undermine the state of Georgia and its people over laws she doesn’t like, and despite her continued attempts at falsely painting Kemp as a devious political genuius who “rigged” the 2018 gubernatorial election against her, most voters in the Peach State are not buying what she’s selling, as every single poll save one that has been taken since their rematch began indicates.

As to what’s caused what appears to be Abrams’ dramatic fall from grace with Georgia voters, while the MLB All-Star game issue comes to mind, what could also be of importance to Georgians is knowing that Abrams and her friends have gotten very rich off the state by denigrating it, and suing it.

Meanwhile, the voters she claims to want to help have ended up getting hurt financially big time when the boycotts that were inspired by Abrams’ radical hacktivism kicked into high gear.


Who could blame Georgia voters for rejecting Abrams not once but twice? Though the second hasn’t happened yet, the writing is indeed on the wall for Abrams, something it looks like she herself is even acknowledging by pulling way back on ad funding.

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