Chris Pratt Remembers Those Who 'Kissed Their Families Goodbye' One Last Time on September 11th

Like many Americans, Chris Pratt is paying tribute to those who lost their lives on September 11th. The actor took to Instagram and Facebook Sunday to memorialize victims of the ghastly attack:


“Today we remember those who woke up, kissed their families goodbye, and went to work without realizing they wouldn’t return. Today, we remember those who risked their lives for us and our country. Forever in our hearts and in memory. #911”

The Terminal List star’s post accompanied an image of American flags in rows upon a grassy hill.

Some may say there’s nothing notable about his message, but those people aren’t likely familiar with the current state of American patriotism — particularly among Hollywood and the young people the town influences.

Chris stands apart from many of his peers as unapologetically pro-America, pro-military, and outspokenly Christian.

How many celebrities would send the following message to the nation’s youth?

And how many box office titans’ Instagram page features them driving a giant Massey Ferguson 590 row-crop tractor? On August 25, Chris captioned a photo of himself in overalls with “Wherever your mind goes when it wanders, that is where your heart is. Today, mine is at #StillwaterRanch.”

There’s every indication his head isn’t trapped in the clouds, which lends an endearing authenticity to his expressions of gratitude.


At the premiere of his massive Prime Video hit The Terminal List, for instance, he was elated to find a group of elderly veterans. He explained to The Associated Press, “These are WWII veterans, and every year they take a pilgrimage back to Normandy. Thrilled to see them here. It was a surprise to me; I didn’t know they were going to be here.”

“[W]hen I saw them, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, we’ve got to spend time together,’ you know? There’s not enough time in the world. Certainly on a press line, where everything’s fifteen-second bites. I’d like to sit down and really, really talk with them…”

“I have an absolute affinity for our Navy SEAL community,” he went on to say, “for our men and women in uniform, and especially for our special operators and all they go through and all they sacrifice.”

And Sunday, he joined millions of Americans in remembering the victims of the deadliest terror attack on American soil — one that took the lives of unknowing victims and emergency services personnel who willingly sacrificed their safety for the salvation of others.

At the end of the day, of course, one man’s conveyance of such sentiments isn’t nearly so important as their need to be shared by the masses — America seems to be progressively losing its soul. We must retain love for our fellow countrymen and learn from history in order to ensure our collective protection — one that will largely be secured by the military Chris reveres. Our institutions are weakening, including that one. But our nation is still worth fighting for, and innocent Americans are worth mourning.


May we remember those who perished and forge a future absent of such loss; and let us kiss our children tonight in gratitude for the gift of life.



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