It Gets Woker: Yale Publishes Blueprints to Inject 'Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion' Into All 25 Departments

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Does college still offer separate subjects, or is every class about “diversity, equity and inclusion”?

As education continues to evolve, that might be an increasingly relevant question.


Case in point: Yale University has released blueprints for its plan to inject DEI into 25 campus sectors.

If I properly understand, the popular three-letter combo breaks down thusly:

  • Diversity: Emphasis on “marginalized” or “minoritized” identities, be they racial or sexual
  • Equity: An application of the principles of communism
  • Inclusion: An ideology which is inherently exclusive

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In October 2020, Yale began developing a five-year DEI upgrade. And now there are infographics for every campus area — including all schools, athletics, communications, operations, and administrative and alumni affairs.

One section set for a makeover is the medical school.

“[Yale School of Medicine] advances equality and opportunities,” the chart proclaims, “for women and all groups underrepresented in medicine through education, training, community, and advocacy.”


This includes the recruitment, advancement, and retention of underrepresented faculty and students through outreach, mentorship, leadership opportunities, and culture building. Through its Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, YSM also provides resources for departments to advance DEI initiatives and for anyone seeking guidance around discrimination and harassment.

Part of the School of Medicine remake involves “DEI training on unconscious bias, microaggressions, antiracism/allyship, and bystander response to all students, staff, and faculty.”

As for woking up medical America, call it a group effort:

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Meanwhile, colleges and universities across the country are injecting some form of DEI and/or “antiracism” into math, English, and science.

In STEM and other fields, Yale’s doing its part.

From The College Fix:

Yale also committed to doubling the size of the Science, Technology and Research Scholars Program that supports women, minority, and economically underprivileged students in STEM fields.

The Ivy League institution also plans to tout more art within its physical and virtual spaces with works that feature or are created by “underrepresented people.”

As a part of the “Belonging at Yale” project, [Yale President Peter Salovey] has also convened a working group to study slavery, expanded financial aid for students from underrepresented groups, and bolstered efforts to recruit more minority faculty members.

“Addressing systemic racism, inequality, and injustice is crucial to improving the world today and for future generations,” Salovey has stated. “We have much to do, and together, we will continue to make progress.”


So where are we headed? I predict a new normal in which wokeism is every class, peppered with the flavor of things American students once studied. Geometry, biology, literature…these will be as Cookies ‘n’ Creme, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Rocky Road.

The ice cream will be stone-cold social justice.

It’ll take some more work, but not nearly so much as it would’ve a decade ago.

For all the construction — and deconstruction — at least Yale’s sufficiently staffed to ensure compliance.

And if they can’t complete the task, the inclusive School of Medicine’s affiliated with masters in the art of persuasion:



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