University Gives Students Antiracist 'Tips and Tricks' so They Can 'Decolonize' Campus

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Is college a colony? It doesn’t seem like it. Yet, many campuses are trying to clobber “colonization.”

Count among that bunch Central Michigan University.


As reported by Campus Reform, CMU’s giving attendees “tips and tricks” in order for them to be “antiracist” this year.

Last fall semester saw an employment of the “I AM ANTIRACIST” campaign, and the program’s been renewed for spring.

For those not in the know, per CNN, “antiracism” fights microaggressions such as these:

  • “White privilege doesn’t exist.”
  • “All lives matter.”
  • “Don’t blame me; I never owned slaves.”


“I’m colorblind; I don’t care if you’re white, black, yellow, green or purple.”

And since you don’t necessarily know, you should never utter the following:

“You’re so well spoken/articulate” or “You don’t sound black.”

I AM ANTIRACIST comes courtesy of CMU’s Office of Multicultural Academic Student Services (MASS), and this semester sports a discussion series.


[I AM ANTIRACIST] will focus on learning how to welcome students with an anti-racist perspective. …

Each of seven events throughout the semester will feature a presentation by a university office including Central Michigan University Admissions, Office of Residence Life and the Leadership Institute. …

All but one of the events will consist of a presentation and workshop with activities, tips and tricks designed by each presenting office.

A panel on April 13 will include voices from academics, athletics, student retention and other areas of campus.


The campaign is additionally supported by the Office of Diversity and Education as well as the Institute for Transformative Dialogue.

More from Campus Reform:

The Volunteer Center’s event will have students “talk about centering our volunteerism away from white savior ship [sic],” as MASS Interim Assistant Director Wade Tomson told Central Michigan Life.

CMU’s website describes the April 13th shindig thusly:

Turn Antiracism Awareness into Antiracist Action! Come to listen to the panel to help students, faculty and staff frame their perspective through an antiracist and decolonized lens. The office will address campus life through their specialty area and provide those in attendance with take-aways to put into action.

If CNN’s antiracism explainer is accurate, the campaign is curious: It intends to ensure people are judged according to their race…and, therefore, end racism.

Can it be done?

Another quirk: Most movements exist by virtue of an obvious opposition. What — or who — is the school fighting?

If a room is filled with ten people, and they all agree to fight the white supremacy in the room, where is the white supremacy in the room?

Are any at CMU insisting that racism prevail?

The complexities of pummeling the perniciously pale are perplexing.

But if antiracists on campus can uncover the KKK, and if they can conquer them by canceling colorblindness, good luck to them.


Moreover, if they can decolonize the colonial college, that should be more than alright: Colonial living is so 350 years ago.

Whichever way it breaks down, if a subjugated people can be freed, we’re certainly all the better for it.

One question, however, remains: Amid the hard work of whacking white supremacy, when will anyone have time to study?

In the end, perhaps, “I am educated” is okay. But “I am antiracist” is better.



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