Girl Power, Be Gone: All-Female School Abandons 'She' and 'Her' for Something More 'Inclusive'

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Have you ever noticed there are men and women?

At an all-female private school in Massachusetts, they’re making things less noticeable.

As reported by Legal Insurrection, college-preparatory Winsor School recently released its Lift Every Voice plan courtesy of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.”


DEI’s an interesting thing — when I was a student, academia took a “sit absolutely down and shut absolutely up” approach.

These days, they want to make sure each kid stands and sings.

Even so, don’t expect to hear from the “girls” — Winsor wants to move away from such an outdated distinction.

The 5th-12th grade academy stands for — among others — the following:

  • Belief in the dignity and humanity of every person
  • Openness to new ideas and rejection of stereotypical thinking
  • Commitment to understanding individual and group differences

Furthermore, it “honors each community member’s ethnicity, race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, and physical and mental ability.”

Hence, Winsor is:

  • Consciously fostering an environment of respect and inclusion through a wide array of community-building programs.
  • Continuing to build an inclusive curriculum.
  • Supporting ongoing professional development for faculty and staff.

At present, it would appear that all students possess things such as ovaries and XX chromosomes.

In fact, Lift Every Voice describes its mission as readying “young women to pursue their aspirations and contribute to the world.”


[T]he school recognizes the importance of inclusive language.


In the past, one could encompass all fallopian-tubed folks via a single syllable.

But times have changed:

Winsor has…adopted changes to its use of gendered language and pronouns to be more inclusive. External publications and communications have moved away from using “she, her, hers’’ and “your daughter,” replacing the former with “they, them, theirs” and the latter with “student.”

“Sensitivity,” it’s made clear, “is also paid to family structure.”


In Admission…interviews are now called the “Adult family member interview” instead of the “Parent/guardian interview.”

Moreover, “Faculty and staff are discouraged from addressing groups of students as ‘girls’ and ‘ladies,’ and teachers address students by their preferred pronouns.”

So goes the revolution: If “inclusivity” is the prime directive, and if calling birthing persons words such as “women” defies that superior principle, then we’re seemingly aimed at obliterating the concept of sex.

Previously, inclusion was constituted by intent. If a group was called something, then that reference “included” all in the bunch.

But now, every individual gets to pick whether they’re roped in.

And the shift concerns more than cervix-sporting citizens.


As I covered in October, a prestigious all-boys school announced attendees will no longer be “boys.”

So claimed Megyn Kelly, speaking about the institution from which she pulled her sons:

“[I] just heard an update on the boys school that we left. They’re no longer referring to the boys as ‘boys.’ They’re no longer calling the boys — it’s an all-boys school. They no longer say ‘your sons.’ They just say ‘your child.’ ‘Your children.’ ‘Your individual.’”

Some educators are junking genitals on both sides:

As for Americans’ new open-mindedness, the government’s starting them young:

Of course, one fact prevails, which should comfort critics on all sides of the issue: Despite what we label anything, it doesn’t change what anything is.

I surmised as much in November:

[T]here’s much to adjust across the American lexicon.

Unfortunately…none of it will have any impact on what exists.

In fact, we’ve already tried that to its most radical degree: Humanity created entirely different languages.

But as it turned out, even when they invented an alternate term for everything, the world’s established actuality remained.


Still, onward we march.

And Boston’s premiere all-girl all-they school isn’t only leading the way on gender identity.

Additionally listed as a value:

  • Anti-racism and the disruption of all systemic oppression.

That’s Winsor.

And if the school’s winds of change chap you…just consider it a wind…sore.



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