WATCH: Antifa Clashes With Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protesters in Boston

WATCH: Antifa Clashes With Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protesters in Boston
AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus

I’ve argued in the past that we shouldn’t be calling Antifa by that name because it gives them an out — a nice sounding cover name — for what they really are, which is radical leftists. Terms matter. It’s part of the reason we still have ignorant liberals saying, “Antifa? That means they’re anti-fascist.” Well, no, that’s like saying the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is democratic. Antifa demonstrates frequently how “fascist” they are in their attitudes and actions.

One example? Would you ever expect Antifa folks to be in favor of the government mandating vaccines on people? Aren’t many of them supposed to be anarchists or against the power of the government?

Yet they were out in Boston yesterday, fighting against people who were protesting against the vaccine mandate. They came out against a group called “Super Happy Fun America,” which describes itself as a “right of center civil rights organization” defending the constitution, “opposing gender madness and defeating cultural Marxism.” So now you see why Antifa came out — because of the anti-Marxist nature of the group. If you’re a Communist or a radical leftist, you may not actually be a big fan of individual rights.

“Green Monster Antifa” put out a flyer advertising the counter-rally and if you check it out, you can see how incredibly ironic it is.

The radical leftists were holding signs that said, “Death to Fascism” and had the communist hammer and sickle symbol.

There were clashes between the two groups and police in riot gear came out in force.

Here, you can see the police try to grab what looks like an Antifa person, and then the person is grabbed back by the radicals.

The radical leftists also surrounded a van from the Super Happy group.

Police arrested two people during the clashes, reportedly for disorderly persons offenses. Some of the local media failed to report Antifa being involved in the counter-rally group or report on the Communist symbols being sported, just reporting them as “counter-protesters.”

It’s hilarious that Antifa flyers were trying to tar the anti-mandate group as “rioters” when other Antifa across the country have been involved in all kinds of rioting over the past couple of years, not to mention for years before, not only here but in Europe. Just last month in Portland, in one wild smashing spree, we saw radical leftists cause $500,000 dollars of damage because the police were helpless to stop them. In September, we also saw an Antifa member allegedly shoot an anti-vaccine mandate protester.

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