Northampton, Massachusetts Wants to Give Non-Citizens Voting Rights

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Last week, I told you about how the New York City Council is on the brink of giving non-citizens with green cards the right to vote in the city’s municipal elections. Today, they will make it official. The council president has stated proponents “have the votes” and this very bad idea will soon become law. The sponsor of the bill, Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, is pleased as punch with the possibility of making “history” this week:


“New York City will be making history. After getting the right to vote in local elections as a result of this bill, there is a high probability that immigrants would become even more motivated to become citizens and vote in federal elections.”

Former Virginia attorney general and acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli retweeted my Red State article. He later contacted us on how his new organization, the Election Transparency Initiative, could help stop this.

The organization I head, Americans for Citizen Voting, is seriously considering joining a lawsuit being filed by the Staten Island Borough President to stop this unconstitutional new law. We’re also considering purchasing space on an electronic billboard in Times Square that reads: “Only Americans should vote in New York City Elections. Tell DeBlasio – No foreign voting in NYC.” I  later learned that Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan retweeted my article with this comment:


As of this morning, Congressman Jordan’s tweet of my Red State article has 1,079 retweets, 106 quote tweets and it has been liked 3,616 times. When Americans are made aware that liberal cities and states are allowing non-citizens to vote, in any elections, they become mad as hell and vocally proclaim they’re not going to take this flouting of our laws any longer!

Unfortunately, I have more bad news concerning liberal cities planning to give the right to vote to non-citizens. This time it’s happening in Northampton, Massachusetts. State Representative Lindsay Sabadosa and State Senator Joanne Comerford, have jointly filed House Bill No. 832. With the approval of the mayor and city council of Northampton, their bill will amend the city’s charter for qualifying for voting. The amended to the charter will say:

“Every resident of the city or, in the case of an election for ward councilor or ward school committee member, every resident of the ward, whether a citizen or noncitizen, who is not otherwise disqualified from voting under state law, shall be qualified to vote in all preliminary elections, special elections and regular city elections…This act shall take effect upon its passage.”

As I’ve noted many times when I write about this issue, proponents of allowing non-citizens to vote say green card holders pay taxes, and not allowing them to vote is akin to no taxation without representation. Of course, that’s a ridiculous argument but that is the moral argument they are using to successfully sway public opinion.


Americans for Citizen Voting Polling shows this controversial issue resonates with Conservatives, Liberals, Republicans, and Democrats and across all races and demographics. Contrary to what you may think, Hispanics do not favor allowing non-citizens to vote — nor do they favor special treatment that puts illegals in the front of the line to gain legal status and citizenship. Admittedly, Progressives have the momentum on their side but the tide is quickly changing as more Americans become aware of this deliberate dilution of our votes.


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