Robber Chokes Woman, Her Young Son Shoots Him in the Face

Seth Wenig

It seems that crime has been emboldened.

Last year saw unprecedented violence and vandalism, veritably cheered by TV’s talking heads.

Many Americans — including some in government — endorsed a #defunding of police.


California passed Proposition 47, which reclassified theft under $950 as a misdemeanor.

Unsurprisingly, such a move didn’t return the state to its former glory.

But it may have helped the hammer industry:

Societally, we don’t appear to be lunging toward lawfulness.

Even so, one component’s declined to go soft on crime: the American firearm.

Case in point: a recent restaurant robbery in Pennsylvania.

As reported by Philadelphia’s NBC10, Thursday night, three men entered the Bold Pizza shop in the neighborhood of Spring Garden.

They demanded money from the register, but the female cashier said a code was required.

One of the men reached over the counter and began strangling the woman.

Unbeknownst to the assailants, she had an ally on hand — her 14-year-old son.

The teen pulled a pistol from beneath the desk.

Before Mr. Choker could exit the situation, a round exited the barrel.

The homeless projectile soon took up residence in the man’s face.

This migration convinced him to stroll elsewhere.

In the basketball game of criminal tracking, police arrived to a layup.

They needed only follow the tomato-y trail.

Three blocks from the pizzeria, it ended at a subway station.

There they found a man fond of emergency medical aid, harboring a large amount of cash.

The suspect was unarmed, but police remain unsure whether he was packing heat when he ate a slice of popperoni.


In addition to his negative eaterie experience, he’s implicated — along with the rest of his trio — in the robbery of a nearby pharmacy mere minutes before the restaurant raid.

From WCAU:

Police analyzed surveillance video from inside the pharmacy and determined one of the three suspects matched the description of the suspect who was shot while trying to rob the pizza shop.

Police were interviewing employees inside the pizza shop who are cooperating with the investigation. They also said there were customers inside the shop at the time of the robbery who fled during the shooting. Police were trying to find them in order to speak with more potential witnesses.

Oddly, this isn’t the only December story involving pizza and a shot:


Will corporate media cover the case of a Second Amendment feat in Philly?

Likely, no — it involves a gun being used for good and a minor handling a hand cannon.

Though they aren’t feverishly featured on America’s front page, tremendous tales of defense do indeed exist:

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Sometimes, smarts is the best weapon of all (Language Warning):

But when the situation summons a six-shooter, Americans will often heed the call.

One — I can only assume — proud momma in Pennsylvania’s progeny did just that, and a bistro bandit got a taste of hot retaliation.

A lot of mothers may insist their boy’s the best, but hers is #1 with a bullet.



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