Pistol-Packin' Granny: 79-Year-Old Arms Herself, Tells Home Invader, 'I Got Something for You!'



The recent, terrible mass shooting in Illinois is the kind of event the left-wing media like to trumpet, using its horror as a catalyst for gun reform (here). But what about those incidents where a gun saves the day (like here and here)?



Well, here’s a feel-good story for all you firearms fans.

On February 12th, an unidentified 79-year-old Georgia woman encountered a home invader.

As per an incident report by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, she was in the kitchen when she heard someone attempting to open a window in her bathroom.

“She at first thought she was just hearing noises but then realized that someone was trying to break in.”

The lady took her gun — which she keeps in her living room — and told the suspect through the glass of her back door that he should get off her porch or she would “blow his f***ing brains out.”

She called Emergency Services, but she knew she’d have to fend for herself ’til police could arrive.

“Okay. Come on — I got something for you!” she jeered. Then she fired a shot at him.

The trespasser managed to get into her house another way, and he ran upstairs.

“This is taking way too long,” she complained to the 911 operator. “They upstairs talking crazy.”

As heard on the emergency call’s recording, she shouted further at the man:


“I’m waiting on ya! When you come down them stairs, I’m gonna blow your damn brains out!”

“I’m waiting,” she yelled again.

Then she fired a second shot.

The authorities finally arrived and found the man hiding in a closet.

He was identified as 20-year-old Hans E. Rogers and charged with criminal trespassing, burglary, and home invasion.

The nearly-octogenarian’s first bullet was aimed toward the bathroom; the second bullet hit a stairwell wall. She told police she wasn’t intending to hit the man, only to scare him.

Sounds like she did. And I wish I could introduce her to this lady.

Where’s the #MeToo movement, #Time’sUp, the Women’s March, NOW, and other liberal women’s groups when it comes to pistol-packin’ powerful women like the 79-year-old who stood her ground, on the grounds of the 2nd Amendment? What’s a greater act of strength than defending oneself and one’s home?

Whether those organization acknowledge her or not, there’s a feisty female senior citizen in Jackson County, Georgia who doesn’t take any crap. And there’s a 20-year-old who’s probably now a lot more likely to respect his elders.




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