Bill Maher Continues His Anti-Democrat Streak, Wipes the Floor With the Woke Over Words

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Is Bill Maher ever going to realize he’s switched sides?

He may not have moved, but the Democrat Party is now miles down the road from Billville.

He still rips religion, and he’s avidly anti-Republican.


He may not have jogged to the GOP, but he’s certainly on a side vastly different than Dems.

Apropos of being on the outs, he laid into left-wing language on Friday’s episode of Real Time.

The liberal listed eight words whose meanings shouldn’t be reworked by wokesters:

Moving on, he addressed the controversy of Hannah Gadsby and Dave Chappelle.

As you may know, in Dave’s latest video venture, he said he wasn’t suggesting transgender women aren’t women.

But also: Their vaginas aren’t like other women’s.

Hannah hadn’t appreciated the performance, as Bill recalled:

“Comedian Hannah Gadsby characterized Dave Chappelle’s controversial Netflix special as hate speech dog-whistling. Well, ‘dog whistle’ refers to when someone puts things in code because they’re afraid to come out and say what they really think. That’s what you get from Dave Chappelle? That he’s afraid to say what he really thinks?”

The host rang an important bell:

“And it’s not hate speech just because you disagree with it. “

“Nor is it phobic,” he added.

“Phobic comes from the Greek word for ‘something one fears irrationally’ — like spiders or germs. But now [it’s] used as a suffix for anything you just don’t like.”


It’s a late point to make, but nonetheless true. “Homophobic,” “transphobic,” “Islamophobic,” “Christophobic” — it seems to me these sorts of words aren’t worth much.

American English has become littered with attempts to win arguments without making superior points.

These days, the syllables themselves are left to do the heavy lifting.

How, after all, could you fight for a “phobia?” Or against “safety”? Or in favor of “harm”?

Topics which deserve discussion instead are thrown the scraps of loaded language.

Bill went on:

“Also in the category of ‘We just don’t like it, so we’re pretending it’s something else’ is the word ‘violence.'”

He ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie.

A batch of brutal cases in point:

College Course Probes the ‘Violence’ of ‘Toxic Masculinity,’ Uses an Ex-President as the Example

School District Hosts Year-Long Anti-Whiteness Training to Fight ‘Curricular Violence’ in Math

Booksellers Association CEO Apologizes for the ‘Violence’ of Accidentally Promoting a Conservative Book

College Schools Students and Staff on Microaggressions’ ‘Death by a Thousand Cuts’ and the ‘Myth of Meritocracy’


Maher offered his own example:

“Last year, there was a staff mutiny at the CBS drama All Rise when some of the writers — I’m sorry, I meant victims — took issue with a scene where two women are in an elevator and a naked man gets on, and they just continue talking calmly. … [T]he writers on this show found the scene objectionable and sent off an email saying, ‘Two women would not commonly continue a conversation with a naked white guy running into the elevator. That is violence.’”

“No, it’s not,” Bill retorted.

“Violence is when it hurts. It usually involves leaving a mark of some kind. Of course, innumerable things can lead to violence. But I’m sorry — you can’t take that word and use it for stuff that’s just scary to you or just verbal, which is something I literally learned in kindergarten.”

So did I.

But I’m not so sure they teach that anymore.

In fact, I’m pretty sure they teach the opposite.

He started the saying for anyone who missed out:

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but…”

“If you don’t know how that one ends,” he surmised, “you need to repeat kindergarten.”

Of course, many more than eight words are getting meaningful makeovers.


Dave Chappelle referenced one, and another is substantially inseparable.

For that pair, however, the change is already likely permanent:



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