Don Lemon Downplays BLM/Antifa Riots Compared to Capitol Riot: 'A Shoe Can Be Replaced'

Photo by Scott Roth/Invision/AP

CNN hosts apparently never look in the mirror and examine what they have been doing.

Don Lemon was on as a guest of CNN’s morning show. They’re so hard up they’re now interviewing each other as “news.” He was commenting on the Facebook situation where a whistleblower claimed that Facebook was doing things that were harmful to the public. But what Lemon had to say about it was hilariously ironic, given CNN’s own proclivity for fake news.


If CNN was held to account for all the fake news they’ve pushed over the past several years, the network would probably go under and Lemon would be out on the street. Remember Lemon is one of the CNN people who has even come to the defense of Antifa, painting them as valiant anti-fascist fighters. Just forget about the attacking people, the rioting and burning, etc.

In this segment with Lemon, they were at the spin again, with Lemon trying to explain why BLM/Antifa riots destroying mom & pop shops aren’t as bad as when politicians feel threatened.

Imagine this response. “A shoe can be replaced,” Lemon smirks. “And the vote is the value of the shoe. Again, no one should be doing this. No one should be stealing anything from anyone. The other one. Can you replace a democracy? How do fix a broken democracy? You can take a shoe and fix it. Or get another one. Or an insurance policy can replace a shoe. An insurance policy cannot replace a democracy or fix our broken republic. Or fix racism. Or fix a lie that has been spread by one person and the people who enable him…So the people who see the same, want to see the same. Again, not operating in reality.”


Even the chyron was a spin, with it terming the three-hour riot as “insurrection” vs. more than a year of radical leftist rioting as “social justice.”

First, the more-than-a-year of rioting was directed at state, federal, and local governments. Hundreds of police were injured. Police precincts attacked and burnt down, more than a hundred days of constant attacks on the Portland federal courthouse — all with the purpose of intimidating local governments into complying with radical leftist positions.

Maybe you can replace a shoe. But you can’t replace the life of eight-year-old Secoriea Turner or the lives of the many other people taken during those rioting and lawless BLM/Antifa actions.

Secoriea Turner is not a shoe and I shall never forget this video of her parents.

For folks like Lemon, he’s completely dismissed all this — the millions of dollars in damage and people’s lives destroyed. It means nothing to him. It also means they have no idea what the BLM/Antifa riots are about. Indeed, liberals like Lemon didn’t even look at how the radical left itself describes the BLM/Antifa riots. The radical left even calls them the “uprising,” not the “shoe-taking.” In the mind of the left, it is part of the continuing effort to overthrow the present system.


Indeed, and this will come as a shock to Lemon, this is more of a threat to our “democracy” than a three-hour riot, in part because folks on the left refuse to condemn it for what it is and refuse to condemn the folks behind it, largely because they agree politically with them.

Talk about once again, CNN spreading absolute fake news.


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