How Low Can You Go: Biden's Approval Rating Hits Its Worst so Far

On Wednesday, Joe Biden took a dive.

And I don’t mean at the pool with his buddy Corn Pop.

As revealed by a Gallup poll released midweek, his approval rating hit a new low.


Per the analytics organization, positivity toward POTUS is down six points since August.

Since June, he’s dropped 13.

Eight months into his term, the Commander-in-Chief is facing favorability to the tune of 43%

And here’s something significant:

For the first time, a majority, 53%, now disapproves of Biden’s performance.

The study was conducted September 1-17, on the other side of a massive Afghanistan failure.

The Taliban takeover — amid which a bomb killed more than a dozen U.S. military personnel — was described August 26th by RedState’s Bonchie:

Today was one of the darkest days the United States has suffered in the last two decades. It opened with suicide bombings disrupting the already bungled evacuation attempt in Afghanistan. The latest count is that at least 13 American soldiers have perished, with at least 90 Afghans, including many women and children.

For nearly eight hours, the President of the United States remained silent. Shockingly, even as the death toll rose, we heard nothing. No written statement offering condolences for their deaths ever came. The White House couldn’t even muster a quick show of empathy via Joe Biden’s Twitter account. Once again, it became patently obvious that we simply don’t have a president.


Gallup observes Joe’s “honeymoon ratings near 55%” took their first hit in July, as America caught wind of COVID’s delta variant.

By August, a survey showed approval of 49%.

As noted by Front Pager Jeff Charles, a September 15-16 Reuters/Ipsos poll tracked the Leader of the Free World at 44%.

And he’s down a career-defining percentage point more according to Gallup.

Furthermore, support among unvaccinated black voters has plummeted 17 points since Biden’s announcement of a federal vaccine mandate.

Such news comes courtesy of a Morning Consult poll relayed by RedState’s Jennifer Oliver O’Connell.

Here’s more from the National Review:

Biden’s favor among black voters dropped substantially between an initial poll conducted between September 6 and 8 — just before Biden’s mandate for companies with more than 100 employees announcement on September 9 — and a second poll taken between September 18 to 20 of more than 1,000 black voters.

The Democrats’ main man is in a mess, summarized by The Washington Free Beacon:

Biden’s plummeting poll numbers come as the president moves from pillar to post in an effort to restore his administration’s message of “competence.” Since his inauguration, [he’s] faced a series of domestic crises, including a resurgence of COVID hospitalizations and deaths and a flood of immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border. But the withdrawal from Afghanistan proved to be the first great test of his administration, as hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens and allies were hastily evacuated amid the Taliban’s swift and violent takeover of the nation.


And pandemic fatalities persist. The outlet indicates “an average of more than 1,000 COVID deaths every day since Biden took office—a quarter of a million deaths in total.”

It’s history in the making:

Of the previous four presidents, Biden now enjoys the lowest approval rating in the September of a president’s first term, with the exception of former president Donald Trump.

How set is he to rally?

Only time will tell.

But if I had to guess, I’d say more bad news is in store.

In addition to a border crisis, rising COVID restrictions, and Middle Eastern mayhem, President Biden’s cognitive decline seems evident.

When speaking at the podium, he at times appears barely holding on — his gaze anything but certain, his words anything but precise.

Those kinds of issues don’t improve over time.

And they don’t instill confidence in the citizenry.

If — at some point — a transition comes about, Kamala Harris isn’t primed for approval pegging the meter.

Gallup reported that “49% approve and 49% disapprove of her leadership.”

Stay tuned for what will surely be much, much more..




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