Jimmy Fallon Has a Little Fun With Joe Biden's Visit to a Vaccine Site

President Biden speaking at Virginia vaccine site - 4-6-21

There are a ton of things that comedians could employ when riffing on Joe Biden.

From hiding in the basement to his constant incoherence, his stories of things that never happened, hairy legs, and Corn Pop, you could dive in and have a constant comedy festival.


So it was hilarious when the Washington Post ran a column last month claiming that Biden was “impregnable” and didn’t give comedians material to work with because he was too “devoid of obvious quirks.” “Comedians are struggling to parody Biden,” the piece claimed. The author, Richard Zoglin, also shoved in a little liberal propaganda, saying Biden’s “pleasantly boring presidency has been a welcome return to normality.”

There’s no doubt that some comedians have held their fire when it comes to Biden because many of them are liberals and they don’t want to appear to be undercutting him. Samantha Bee professed that outright when asked about Biden, saying she would not be targeting him because she liked what he was doing. She, of course, had no problem being nasty and vicious going after President Donald Trump.

Some have even suggested there’s really nothing to have fun with about Joe Biden. They’re clearly not seeing the same Joe Biden the rest of us are seeing.

So we have to give props to Jimmy Fallon’s ‘take’ on what Joe Biden’s visit to a vaccine site might look and sound like. Good for him for actually taking Biden on and making some rather clear points about Biden’s incoherence. Not to mention, it’s quite funny. It’s a little reminiscent of the hairy legs and Corn Pop video Joe Biden did. It’s got everything from a big walnut to even a little bit of a Corn Pop kind of a take. Not to mention, “Spark Ems!”


Good for Fallon for not being afraid to properly mock Biden. It’s not even nasty, but it’s on point. All politicians deserve a little mocking occasionally; they serve us, they are not “impregnable” or impervious to criticism, nor should they be. We should never concede that. If we think they are, then that’s when we get dictators; that’s when we get people issuing edicts from on high and we’ve already seen too much of that. We need far more questioning and mocking. Plus we can all benefit from a little bit more humor.

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