WATCH: Virginia School Video Tells 2nd Graders a Key to Feeling Safe Is Zero Police

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Did you feel safe today?

If so — and if you’re like a lady in an educational video recently recommended for young children — it may have been because you didn’t catch sight of any cops.


As reported by Fox News, Bailey’s Elementary School for the Arts and Sciences — in Falls Church, Virginia — provided an online summer learning guide for 2nd grade.

Amid its offerings: lessons from someone named “Ki.”

Should kindergarten be woke?

According to Bailey’s, the answer would seem Yes.

The Fairfax County school’s “Mentor Texts for Writing” was partly comprised of two links courtesy of the organization “Woke Kindergarten.”

One link activated a YouTube video, “Safe. By Ki.”

The video explains, “We all deserve to feel safe.”

Safe where? Ki lays it out:

  • in our homes
  • in our schools
  • outside
  • everywhere


  • in our bodies

Ki goes on to name ways in which she feels safe:

  • I feel safe when I’m with my dogs.
  • I feel safe when I’m with my friends.
  • I feel safe when people listen to my feelings.


  • I feel safe when there are no police around.

If everyone deserves to feel safe, and if feeling safe is accomplished for Ki by the absence of law enforcement, then she must deserve for there to never be any officers around.

What if someone near Ki only feels safe when police are present?


Such a conundrum causes me to suspect that people deserve to be physically safe, rather than being owed to “feel” safe according to their sensibilities.

Regardless, Ki points out, “[I]t’s no one’s job to tell me how I feel.”

But you still have a job:

‘[I]t’s everyone’s job to make sure that people who are being treated unfairly feel safe too.”

That statement is accompanied by the image of a Black Lives Matter poster.

And the slide representing the absence of police portrays a woman in evident ecstasy:


Woke Kindergarten serves up other videos such as “My Pronoun Book,” “Woke Read Alouds: They, She, He, Easy as ABC,” and the nonbinary “TikTok: Identities Are DOPE! What Are Some of Yours?


Beneath “Equity Resources for Teachers,” the school’s website linked to the Woke Kindergarten Instagram account.

Another IG page endorsed: “No White Saviors.”

Additionally heralded by Bailey’s, according to the Fairfax County Times: “topics such as…tools for teaching Critical Race Theory, New York Times articles which discuss white parents are what’s wrong within public schools, (and) antiracism tools for teachers…”


The school’s moves caught flack:

The website suggested following accounts on social media called ‘Woke Kindergarten’ and ‘No White Saviors’, as well as individual personal accounts which contain photographs and information which many parents considered too sensitive to be suggested for elementary school teachers to implement in the classroom. Some of the photographs on the suggested accounts had explicit language or content including nudity and semi-nudity.

Former school board member Elizabeth Schultz tweeted her disapproval:

Now Fairfax County Public Schools is saying the inclusion was a mistake.

Via a spokesperson:

“This content was posted in error by the school and has since been removed from the website.”

The district looks to be protecting itself from further negative press — a click on the link for guidance now prompts the message “You are not authorized to access this page.”


But you can see its purported previous iteration here.

Also initially endorsed by Bailey’s: Woke Kindergarten’s “Good Trouble“:

By linking to Woke Kindergarten, perhaps the school was just getting into good trouble itself.

For more of the alleged trouble, see Elizabeth’s tweets here (Content Warning).



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